How much formula to feed baby?

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This is dependant on the weight and age of the baby. A midwife or doctor will be able to give you suitable information on the correct amount to give to the baby.
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How much do you feed a baby mouse?

Answer . feedings should be between 1 and 2 eye-droppers full of watered down soy baby formula every 3 hours during the day, and the same amount once or twice in the night

How much do you feed a baby turtle?

not a lot, just a little and then if it eat its all then give it some more until you have excess food then scoop it out :)

How much does baby formula cost?

It depends on what kind of formula you choose. Name brands run about $20-30 per can of the dry powdered formula, where their store brand equivalents are about $10-15... and th

How much to feed a baby goat?

It depends on its age, whether it is getting any milk from its mother or not. If you are providing all its feed then the milk formula should have a dosage and mixing rate on t

How much do you feed a baby rabbit?

Mother rabbits feed their babies milk . For the mother to be able to do that, you have to feed her a healthy rabbit diet. (See the related question linked below about what to

How much formula should you feed a seven month old baby?

Hi, my baby is 7 months and her schedule is as follows;. 7am - 200 mls formula. 8am - baby cereal mixed with 60mls formula. 9-11 sleep. 11am - offer 120mls formula but she

How much do you feed a baby Magpie?

about a teaspoon every hour or hour and half. They fill up quickly. Usually they go to bed at about 9 and then are up from 6 onward looking forward to food.
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Can feed a baby deer baby formula?

You should get the deer to the vet for a check up and see if they can supply you with a good substitute for deer milk. You should give it whole milk while you're waiting to g
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Is feeding a baby formula equal to feeding breast milk?

Breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months before switching to baby formula. There are more nutrients and health benefits to the baby when using breast milk.