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Apollo 13 never made it to the moon, suffering a catastrophic failure en route. The Apollo missions in general used 5.625 million pounds of fuel in all three four stages of the Saturn V rocket.

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Q: How much fuel did Apollo 13 need to get to the moon?
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How much fuel do you need to get to the International Space Station?

1.7 billion hobos fartin to get to the moon

How much rocket fuel do you need to get into space?

It depends on the weight of the rocket and payload. The Saturn 5 that carried the Apollo moon missions into space carried 5.5 million pounds (2.5 million kilograms) of fuel. Most of the fuel is used to lift the fuel.

Why have Americans never landed on the moon?

You need to do some reading. Americans have landed on the moon 6 times. Look up the Apollo program.

Why did the astronauts need the guidance computer on Apollo 11 and where was it guiding them to?

astranaut need vital guidance computers to guide them on the moon about emergencies

What did Apollo need?

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What do you need to get to the moon?

---- -a Rocket -Alot Of Rocket Fuel - brains. - be part of NaSa

How much food do you need to take to get to the moon?

As it takes three days to travel from earth to the moon, using Saturn V sized chemical rockets, you would need three days worth of rations per person. The total Apollo 11 trip took three men eight days, from launch to return.

How much fuel do you need to get to the ice planet?

The saucer Excalibur cannot obtain enough power from the Fuel Rod to go anywhere but the nearby moon at X-56 Y-52. (Coordinates from Mordred's missing journal page.)

How much fuel do you need to get to Mars and back?

Half as much as you need to get back.

Are Apollo Xll and Apollo Xl coins worth anythingIt?

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Why are smaller rockets needed on the moon?

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What is the impact on people for discovery of water in moon?

The main reason we would like to find water on the moon is that we will not have to bring it from earth.Water can be used as rock fuel if you separate the two components: Hydrogen and Oxygen. If water is present on the moon, we can create our own rocket fuel on the moon when we explore the rest of the solar system and beyond.Water on the moon is of course not only important for rocket fuel. If we in future wish to set up a base on the moon, the people living there will need water to drink and to irrigate the plants (for growing food in greenhouses). We do not need to bring this water if water already exists on the moon.Leaving earth's gravity is difficult and require a lot of energy (e.g. expensive in terms of fuel costs). Water is relatively heavy (and take up a lot of room). To lift it past earth's gravity is very taxing. It is much easier to escape the moon's gravity due to the lower gravitational pull.If we can find water on the moon, we do not need to bring it from earth.