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it is very harmful or harmful depending on your body

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Q: How much harmful Cigarette is for health?
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What are some substances released in cigarette smoke that are harmful to the respiratory?

There are many substances in cigarette smoke, but the most popular ones are Butane and Methane. These chemicals are released in cigarette smoke and can cause many health issues.

Are cigarette beetles harmful?


How do I check which cigarette has the least poison or which cigarette is the least harmful.?

There is very little difference among cigarette brands. They are all harmful, and they all contain poisons.

What chemicals are harmful in cigarette smoke?

There are several hundred harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. The most notable are probably tar and nicotine.

Is Rasna harmful for health?

im not sure if its fatal or very harmful but it can make you sick if you have to much

What are the harmful effects of cigarette?

lung cancer

What are some common things that are harmful to health?

There are many things that are harmful to health. In modern times smoking and drinking too much alcohol have been common causes of health issues. Eating too much or too little can also be detrimental to health.

Is it harmful to take cigratte after drinking alcohol?

It is harmful to take a cigarette at any time

Is the classic menthol cigarette harmful?

Yes. A menthol cigarette is still a cigarette, with all the chemicals & addictiveness of any other tobacco product

What are some believable excuses to not have a cigarette?

1.they are expensive 2.they make you smell 3.they ruin your lungs/health 4.they kill ruins lives. Are there any excuses why you should have a cigarette? SECOND HAND SMOKE IS NOT HARMFUL DO SOME RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!

What are all the extremely harmful drugs in a cigarette?

Tar and nicotine

Is microwaves are harmful for your health?

Your grammar is horrible, but yes microwaves are harmful to your health.