How much iPad and iPad 2 cost?

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In iPad 2
  1. $">$1700$
2. $ 800
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In the UK How much will the iPad cost?

The new iPad costs With wifi 16GB=£399.00 32GB=£479.00 64GB=£559.00 And with wifi and cellular 16GB=£499.00 32GB=£579.00 64GB=£659.00 I hope this information helps

How much does an iPad cost in Australia?

the iPad in Australia costs 500 dollors as it has everything on it where it allows you to take it with you wherever you want and when you want.

How much does the iPad 16GB cost?

The prices of the ipad with WI-FI only WI-FI ONLY 16GB = €469 (US Price $499) 32GB = €579 (US Price $599) 64GB = €679 (US Price $699) The prices of the ipad with WI-FI + 3G WI-FI + 3G 16GB = €599 (US Price $629) 32GB = €699 (US Pric ( Full Answer )

How much does an iPad cost at Walmart?

In the US, the iPad is priced at exactly the same price as the Apple Store. The latest models start at $499.00. The iPad is not sold at Wal-Mart in other countries.

How much dose an iPad cost?

The ipad costs with wi-fi only, 16GB $499, with 32GB $599, with 64GB $699. With wi-fi and 3G it costs with 16GB $629, with 32GB $729, with 64GB $829.

How much do ipad apps cost?

Anywhere from free to thousands of pounds/dollars. Most of the popular apps are either free or about 59p. However, you can get almost every app for free if you jailbreak.

How much does iwork cost for the iPad?

IWork is not included in the iPad and costs 9.99 each. They are all great apps that are compatible with Microsoft Office.

How much do books cost on iPad?

It ranges from free to $13.99( that is probably the most expensive one there is or I ever saw)

How much does a iPad case cost?

It will depend on the style of case preferred and the budget available as there are numerous cases available for the iPad which vary in cost.

How much do all the iPads cost?

The price of all the Ipads are WIFI ONLY €499 €599 €699 WIFI+3G €629 €729 €829

How much does an iPad touch cost?

Do you mean iPod touch. Because there is no such thing as iPad touch. And the iPod touch costs $200.

How much does an iPad cost in England?

16 GB WiFi-only: £439 32 GB WiFi-only: £510 64 GB WiFi-only: £612 16 GB WiFi & 3G: £541 32 GB WiFi & 3G: £612 64 GB WiFi & 3G: £714

Why do iPads cost so much?

They do not cost much for what was expected. Critics were expecting it to be sold at $999 at first.

How much a iPad cost?

iPad Price List: The price of the iPad starts at $499 and comes in different models. Wi-Fi Only 16GB - $499 32GB - $599 64GB - $699 Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB - $629 32GB - $729 64GB - $829

How much will the iPad cost in Riyadh?

The latest price of ipad, i found in emax in riyadh is SR 2990 and even they are giving ipad case with that absolute free. I found it most cheap here only in emax. latest prices in Riyadh for ipad and other apple products you can find on

How much does an iPad cost from Costco?

Answer: . 16GB 1 * Ships: Within 24hrs * Free Shipping * $499.00. 32GB 1 * Ships: Within 24hrs * Free Shipping * $599.00. 64GB 1 * Ships: Within 24hrs * Free Shipping * $699.00.

How much does an iPad 2 cost?

About $499 in the USA or about £399 in the UK, the cost will vary from country to country. General unit prices are 16GB cost $499, 32GB $599 and the 64GB is $699. The price of the iPad will go up roughly an extra $100 for memory increase or if you want a 3G model. The 3G version allows you to ( Full Answer )

Why does the iPad cost too much?

Actually, the iPad can do almost anything a laptop can do for about half the price. And the reason why it's more expensive then the iPhone is because it's twice as fast, the hard drive is really big, and of course games and books are more fun when they're bigger.

How much does a kindle iPad cost?

The iPad and the Kindle are two different devices. The iPad starts from $499 and the Kindle starts at $139.00.

How much does an iPad warranty cost?

$99 dollars for Apple's warranty, applecare. It gives you a 1 year extension, making it a 2 year warranty. Other places may very.

How much is a 32gb with 3G iPad 2 cost?

Better tip. Instead of buying it with 3G, buy with only wi-fi and get the MiFi from 3. 3G costs extra 100 pounds (not including a payg contract) , but mifi costs 50 pounds, and is 10 pounds for 1gb of usage, same as at&t or Verizon. Also, mifi can be used with ipod touch, iphone, laptops, basically ( Full Answer )

How much money does the iPad 2 cost?

Here a list of the prices for the iPad 2: - Wi-Fi Only 16GB - $499 (base price) 32GB - $599 64GB - $699 - Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB - $629 32GB - $729 64GB - $829 Expect these prices to drop when the iPad 3 comes out this March 2012. I found a link where you can go and sign up for testing it - htt ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of iPad 2?

the cost of the ipad 2 now is about $500. but I'm sure there are other resources like craigslist or eBay that could be cheaper

How much iPad cost with a contract?

The iPad dose not have a Contract, The Wi-Fi + 3G Version has a Data Plan and you can cancel anytime at no charge.

How much does the smart cover for the ipad 2 cost?

well I have an iPad 2 but on my birthday I got the iPad 2 and the smart cover separate my sister says she got for 35 dollars if u get the polyurethane but is you want the leather type it will cost 69 dollars plus tax on both I love the IPAD 2

How much does the iPad 2 cost?

16 GB with wifi only is $ 499 but if you want to add 3G its going to be another $130 so it will be $629.If you want to get 32 GB with WiFi only it would be $599 but if you want it with 3G it would be $729. 64 GB with WiFi only it is $699 but with WiFi and 3G it is $829.

How much does an iPad cost with no apps?

no apps that means no camera and no texting and no internet so not alot only about 200 because with out the pps there is no purpose

How much will iPad 3 cost?

As it hasn't been released yet, I would think it would be $500, because that's what the iPad 2 costs.

How much does the iPad 5 cost?

The current iPad Air (which is technically 5th generation) costs$499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, and $629 for a 16GB Wi-Fi +Cellular version.

How much does ans apple iPad 2 cost?

It depends on which i-pad 2 you buy, they come in 16-32 gb, with or without wi-fi. But if you buy an i-pad 2 with no wi-fi and 16gb, that will be about $500 (before the i-pad 3 came out)

How much will 50 ipads cost?

Why do you need more than one? Apple doesn't give bulk discounts, so check the price your country's Apple website for the model you want (there are 8 currently sold) and multiply it by 50.

How much do the iPad accessories cost?

There are literallly thousands of covers, docks, stands, keyboards, skins, cases, headphones, microphones, guitar ports, MIDI ports and more for the iPad. Go to your local store or online market and find what your looking for.

How much does an iPad cost in Arizona?

The same as everywhere else in the US. Go to the Apple website, click on iPad and then Buy Now, and price out the configuration you want. This will be the same price as your local Apple dealer.

How much does the iPad Mini cost?

Depending on the model, the costs in the USA are: Wi‑Fi . 16GB $329 32GB $429 64GB $529 . Wi‑Fi + Cellular . 16GB $459 32GB $559 64GB $659 .

How much does an iPad cost in US?

The new iPad is priced starting at $499 for the 16GB wifi model. Check the website to see the complete list of models and prices.

How does the iPad 2 cost in the UK?

It carries a suggested retail price of £399 inc VAT (£332.50 ex VAT) for the 16GB model, £479 inc VAT (£399.17 ex VAT) for the 32GB model, and £559 inc VAT (£465.83 ex VAT) for the 64GB model.

How much do iPads cost at Christmas?

You'll most likely have to pay the same as any other time of the year - depending on sales in various stores of course.

How much does a pink iPad 2 cost?

there is not a pink iPad 2 there is only a black and white iPad 2. If you want a apple product that has color get the new iPod tuch, or the new iPod nano, or the iPod shuffle. (:

How much do ipades cost?

ipads cost around 300 dollors. i f you want an exact answer go to and look up ipads. hope i could help..