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How much in US dollars was a 3 pence worth in 1722?


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Threepence GBP in 1722 had the purchasing power of about $2.65 USD today.


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Ten British Pence = Sixteen US Cents £0.10 = $0.16

As of November 2017, 2 British pence converts to 3 US cents.

It is worth exactly 1.5 billon dollars but in the us its probably worth exactly 1,045.65 dollars

Assuming you're referring to pence of the British Pound, 20 pence converts to 31 cents Canadian (at the rate of 1.55 Canadian dollars to 1 Pound).

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50 pence is USD (United States Dollars) is $1

Ten pence equals 1/10th of a pound, and a pound is currently worth $1.61, so the answer is $0.16. tbh, its about 15cent e.g. £1 to $1.50 u get me ?

Today, 10 Jamaican dollars is worth 11 cents in U.S. dollars or 7 pence British, but the exchange rate changes constantly.

"Pence" is the plural of "Penny". One Penny, Two Pence Five Pence, etc.

Threepence GBP in 1750 had the purchasing power of about $2.65 USD today.

Not much since it is struck out of copper-nickel and is fairly recent. It is only about 50 pence to a pound or $1-2 US dollars, but there isn't too much collector demand for them.

The Twenty Pence coin originates in the UK so, as the name suggests, it is worth Twenty Pence in the UK.

One pence is worth one hundredth of a pound, two pence is worth two one hundredth's of a pound, five pence is worth five one hundredth's of a pound, ten pence is a tenth of a pound, twenty pence is worth two tenths of a pound and fifty pence is worth half a pound. A pound is worth a pound, two pounds are worth two pounds

One crown was worth 60 pence, or 1/4 of a pound.

The sovereign was a gold coin worth one pound, which was 240 pence.

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As of today (01APR2011), 1 Euro is worth about 88 pence (0.88 pounds) in British Pound Sterling. It is worth about $1.42 US Dollars.

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It is worth about 30 cents via currency conversion. All 20p coins are common and have no premiums over their face value.

100 British pence is equal to 1 British Pound.

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