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The Epson photo printer uses a lot of ink cartridges for color. There are four different color cartridges that you must buy and they are black, blue, pink and yellow. That is more than the standard of two cartridges for most other color printers.

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Which cartridges are compatible with the Epson R800 printer?

The best cartridge compatible with the Epson Stylus Photo R800 printer is the UltraChrome Hi-Gloss Ink. The ink is available in photo black, matte black, cyan, magenta, yellow, blue, red, and gloss optimizer all at $17.49.

What kind of ink does the Epson 2200 printer take?

The Epson 2200 printer uses Ultrachrome Ink and the following colours are available. Photo Black, Matta Black, Light Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Light Magenta and Yellow

What type of product is the Epson R300 ink?

The Epson R300 is a Ink jet printer and Epson R300 ink goes within the printer, via a small cartridge, and allows a user to print a document out at home in a matter of seconds.

How do you replace ink for epson me 340?

Ink for the Epson ME 340 printer can be replaced by filling the receptacles for the ink. Ink can be purchased for this printer in bottles and a syringe is used to fill the connected tubes with ink. Each ink color has a specific tube.

How do you get an Epson printer to recognize other makes of ink cartridges?

when you put it in a side of it has a sort of chip which only works with an epson printer.

How to clean my Epson printer?

You can use the system tools in the printer app to clean the ink jet heads of an Epson printer. Windex or a damp cloth can be used for cleaning the outside of the printer.


Ink cartridges for the Epson R300 print can vary in price depending on where it is bought and its yeild. Price should range between $13.00 and $66.00.

Why does your epson stylus printer only print blue?

If an Epson Stylus printer will only print the color blue then the other colors of ink have run out. The ink cartridges for yellow, magenta, and black must be replaced.

Where can printer ink be bought online?

It depends on the brand you want to buy: for example, my printer is an Epson, and on the Epson website, you can order ink for it. You can also order ink from a number of office supply stores: one example is Staples, which has its own website. Walmart's website also sells ink, although not for every kind of printer.

Can the original ink cartridges from an Epson printer be refilled?

Older versions of Epson printer ink cartridges can be refilled, but with most newer models of cartridges it is not possible. This is because it is simply inefficient to refill them rather than replacing them.

What printer uses the cheapest printer ink cartridges?

I think that Epson and Cannon printers have the cheapest ink cartridges for their printers. Hewlett Packard is about the most expensive ink that you could buy.

What non Epson brand ink will work well in my Epson ink jet printer 785epx model?

You can use Compatible Ink Cartridges in your Epson Inkjet Printer 785EPX model instead of branded.. Even I'm using the same which i bought from Ask4Ink.com.. Try them out..!!See Related LinksSee the Related Links for "Discount Inks" to the bottom for the answer.

What is the best brand of ink refills to buy for the HP printers?

123Inkjets provides the highest quality printer ink, toner & supplies and the lowest prices possible. 123Inkjets specializes in printer ink cartridges for HP, Cannon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Dell, Samsung & Zerox Printers as well as other brands cutt.ly/5h1cpc3

How much ink does the Epson 69 High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge hold?

The Epson 69 High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge holds 13 ml of ink.

What printer uses hp 56 ink cartridge?

You can search ink cartridge for HP photo smart c3100 printer on HP site.

Do Epson printer cartridges last for a long time?

Epson printer cartridges are known to last for a long time. In fact, in comparison to other brands, Epson prints 54 percent more pages in black ink and 26 percent more color pages.

How-to install ink cartridges epson nx 100 printer?

See this link for installing the ink cartridges: http://files.support.epson.com/pdf/nx100_/nx100_bb.pdf

Should ink refills be considered when purchasing a photo printer?

Yes! Depending, of course, on how much photo printing you will be doing. Apparently, printers are quite cheap, nowadays, the maker gaining profit on ink.

What kind of ink does an Epson thermal printer use?

Epson thermal printers are mostly receipt and label printers. They use a ribbon ink cartridge, similar to those used on dot matrix printers and electronic typewriters.

Which companies make color printer ink cartridges?

Canon, HP, Xerox and Brother are just a few names of companies who make color ink cartridges. Epson and Sophia are two others who make color ink printer cartridges.

Which photo printer should you buy?

Currently, the Kodak ESP photo printer, and saves you a lot of money on ink. It is supposedly a really good printer. It is only $140, if you are going to use it for a lot of photo printing.

What are the special features of the Epson R260 photo printer?

This printer is said to deliver high-definition photos and documents. It has very fast print speeds, red-eye reduction, and is conservative with the ink. It can accommodate all paper sizes and print borderless photos if required.

What is best photo printer for the money?

I think there is no "best" photo printer for the money. Because now a days there are so many good printers for the money. My personal favorit would be Epson printers because: They have the best quality (AND waterresistent inkt) for the money AND the cartridges (inkt) are very payable. So MAYBE you pay a bit more for Epson. At the end its probably cheaper the page you print. Good luck! I agree that there is no "best" as there are many good ones by many companies, however, I was given a tip a long time ago when I purchased my first computer printer, by an artist who used a computer frequently. He told me to always ALWAYS purchase a printer that uses separate ink cartridges for color printing. At that time only Canon and IBM made printers for home use that did this. The reason, is that most especially when printing photos, you will find that sometimes you use one color more than another, and when you do make the switch to a printer with separate color cartridges you will be amazed at how much of the "other" colors you have left when your first color cartridge is empty. Currently I have a small Canon printer with 3 color ink cartridges, plus one black. I also have an over sized photo printer by HP that uses 8 cartridges in all. I've heard good things about Epson, too, but when I purchased my large printer, the Epson in my price range required one to change cartridges for two types of black ink, while the HP holds all cartridges at the same time. Separate ink cartridges! That is the best photo printer to purchase! Personally I recommend it to anyone buying a printer. Why throw away any of that expensive ink unused, if you don't have to??? Good Luck!

How do you check ink level Epson artisan printer 810?

Make sure you are on the home screen on the the printer display, then select: Set-up > ink levels. A display will be generated showing the level of each cartridge.

What is epson ink?

Ink cartridges that are made for Epson products (printers, copiers etc..)

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