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That depends on what sort of business you are running.

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Q: How much inventory should be kept on hand?
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What is a good inventory tracking system?

A good inventory tracking system should be computerized. You will get much more information with much less effort using a computerized system instead of tracking inventory manually. Good inventory tracking software should be user-friendly and easy to enter sales data. A good inventory tracking system will tell you what items you have in stock, when you need to order, and how much you have sold.

What are some of the key points to be kept in mind while keeping inventory?

You need to be focused enough to not let your inventory exceed too much than the useful amount, but also not have limited inventory to lose a really good sale. It is best to use an Inventory Forecasting tool to tackle this problem effectively.

How often should inventory be counted?

It depends on how much inventory turn over you have and the amount. Quarterly seems to be standard, but you can go longer. You should do it at least once a year at the end of your fiscal year.

How do you sell Mafia Wars inventory?

To sell inventory, click on the inventory tab, put in however many items you want to sell, and then click the sell button. You should know that you will only beable to sell back inventory items for half as much as you originally paid for them.

How much dead inventory does auto zone have?

None,all their inventory is on consignment

How much inventory can you have in club penguin?

I think you can have unlimited inventory because I have a bunch of it, years and years of hundreds of items of inventory, so I'm guessing you can have as much as you need

How much inventory per square foot should a retail store have?

This would vary greatly depending on the type of store and it's location. However, if you make some assumptions you could estimate as follows: If a retail store in a certain area generates $250 in sales per square foot per year, and their cost is 60% of sales, then total inventory for the year would be $150. If you want inventory to turn 12 times per year, you should have 12.50 of inventory per square foot on hand. Change these assumptions and do the same calculation.

Should you keep tomatoes in refrigerator?

NO. Tomatoes should NEVER be kept in the fridge, they will go to waste much quicker if kept in a colder environment, than at room temperature.

How much conch shells should be kept in a house?

There is no limit as to how many conch shells you should have in your home.

How much does a mwd hand make?

If your are an experienced hand you should make at least 150,000 a year depending on how much you work

What is excess stock in a business?

This is a general term that can have many specific meanings in specific industries or situations. Generally, businesses have a target of how much inventory they want to keep on hand - enough to fill orders until the next shipment comes in, or enough to fill orders on hand, depending upon how the specific business operates. Excess stock is when a business has more inventory on hand than it wants. It might be a retail business that tries to turn its inventory every two weeks, and they have six months' worth of something. Again, specific situations differ, but in general it just means they have more inventory on hand than they need or can afford or can use.

How much should a 16.5 hand horse weigh?

How much a 16.5 hand horse should weigh generally depends upon the size of the horse. As a general estimate, it should weigh about 650 KG.

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