How much is 2 fr coin?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It is not possible to answer this question without more detail. When in 1998 France converted from the franc to the Euro, the france was worth around 25 US cents or so. But other countries have also used "francs" so we'd have to know if this is a French one or not. In any case few of them, French or otherwise, have any particular value to coin collectors. If your coin is pre-1920s it may have silver in it, but again this varies depending on the date and country. If it is 19th century or older it may have some collector value, but this depends on the usual issues of condition, mintage, and demand. (Just being old is not an indication of any particular worth.) If it is an early coin, do not clean it since that will destroy most of its value, but investigate at the library using one of the reference books on world coinage.

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Q: How much is 2 fr coin?
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How much is a 2 fr 1974 coin worth?

About $1.20 USD

How much is a 1974 2 fr Swiss coin worth?

About $1.20 USD

How much is a 1985 Helvetia 2 Franc Coin worth?

2 Fr. u kunama

How much is a 1 Fr helvetia coin from 1986 worth?

in circulated condition about 10 cents

How much is a 2 francs 1979 coin worth?

After 1969, the FR coins used no TROY silver, this being an important year, especially for the 5 FR, no silver at all was used, this cut off date was the last representation, currently the value of this coin slowly fluctuates between 10 and 28 USD.

How much is a 1 fr helvetia coin from 1969 worth?

Your coin is from Switzerland and is still in circulation. At the exchange rate in effect early in 2010 it's worth a bit less than US$1.

How much a 2 euro coin weighs?

A bimetallic 2 Euro coin (not to be confused with a copper 2 Euro Cent coin) weighs 8.50 grams.

How much does it cost to produce a yen coin?

a one-yen coin: 2 yen

How much is a 1974 belgique 5 fr coin worth?

Unfortunately, it was given to me as an American Quarter by mistake....but since it is foreign,....I am keeping it as if it were worth more than that. Locked away now...

What is an 1892 Austria 8 Fl 20 Fr gold coin worth?

cca 200 euros

What does 1 fr mean on a coin?

1 Franc (the old currancy of France - now using the Euro)

What do you know about a1962 Belgie 5 Fr coin?

5 fr. 1962: 6.576.000 coins were struck in french language, 7.624.000 coins in flemish (dutch). It is a very common coin in Cu/Ni, 6 gramms of weight. In good condition you will pay 3 dollars for it.