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How much is a Canadian quarter worth

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Q: How much is 30 PTAs worth?
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How much is 5 ptas in US money?

5 ptas

Found a 1995 PTAS 5 coin. how much is it worth?

at least 200 dollars on e bay but at least 1000 to a collector

How much is five PTAS?

5 jjsjsjshhhww2

Is a 1957 25 ptas coin worth anything?

max 10$

How much is a 1957 50 ptas worth in American money with a star that has a 59 in it?

im trying to figure the same thing out man good luck.

Spanish 1957 25 PTAS Value?

The value of a 1957 25 PTAS coin depends on its condition and the issue number. Such a coin is worth between 10 and 85 US dollars.

What is the value of a marlin 30-30 model36a?

how much is a marlin 30-30 model 36A worth how much is a marlin 30-30 model 36A worth

How much is the Chicago typewriter in Resident Evil 4?

1,000,000 PTAS

How much is a marlin 30-30 model 336r worth?

just want to see how much this marlin 30-30 is worth for my own info.Thank you

How much is a Winchester model 94 30 30 made in 1974 worth?

how much is a Winchester model 94 30 30 made in 1974 worth

How much is an action replay worth?

I bought mine for $30 so it must be worth $30

How much is a sear and roebuck 30-30 worth?

Its worth between $350 and $600 bucks.

How much is a 5 ptas juan carlos spanish coin 1980 worth worth?

Hard to tell with no picture. Try and post it on ValueJockey. The community there can tell you. It is free and you can post pictures. Good Luck.

How much is a stuffed rattlesnake worth?

If it is stuffed with 30 $1 bills, it would be worth 30$. Otherwise it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Not much.

What is a 5 ptas coin and what is it worth?

A 5 PTAS coin is short for 5 pesetas, which is what Spain used prior to the Euro. The exact value depends on the date and variety, but for the majority of dates, they're only worth a couple of cents in circulated and a couple of bucks or so in uncirculated condition.

How much is your marlin 30 30 336 RC rifle worth?

i have a 1898 to 1930 marlin 30/30 4 digit # what is it worth???

How much is NBC worth?

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How much is lunala gx worth?

30 $

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How much is a new Winchester 94 30-30 worth?


How much is a model 91-30-30 Winchester worth?


How much is 30 kilos of cocaine worth?

30. 000 gram

How much is 100 ptas worth?

On 11/12/10, 100 Spanish pesetas = .824806 US dollars or .601012 euros. Use the link below for an up to date exchange rate.

How much is a lvx honchkrow Pokemon card worth?

It can be worth about 20$-30$.