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Abhishek Bacchan is not that great actor. He is famous just because of his father. He is paid around 3 crores for a film.

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3.5-4.75 crores

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How much amitabh bachchan gets paid for kbc 5?

2 crores per episode

How much amitabh bachchan gets paid for kbc 6?

i think 2.5 crore per episode

Abishek Bachan is the --------- of the son of Amithab Bachan?

Abishek Bachchan is the only son of Amitabh Bachchan. He was born on February 5, 1976 in Mumbai, India. Like his father, Abishek pursued acting and became a true success in Bollywood. In fact, he was the highest paid Bollywood actor back in 2010. Abishek continues to act and is married to the lovely Aishwaria Rai.

How much does film producers gets paid?

Film producers are the ones that pay others. They get paid when the film starts making money. ------------------------------------------------

How much does a film acctress get paid?


Does federer or Amitabh Bachchan have more money?

Federer has more money than amitabh bachchan. This is because federer gets paid in dollars. Amitabh is paid in rupee which is smaller than dollar.

How much amitabh bachchan get paid?

amitabh bachchan is the actual crorepati in the game and the actual hot seat is the seat which he dons. information from sources claim that he is paid between 1.8-2 cr for an episode that almost aggregates to 65-68 cr for the entire season of nine episodes

How much was Burt Reynolds paid for his first film?

dog paid 2000000

How much is Josh Hutcherson paid for each film?

2.2 million

How much does Miranda Cosgrove get paid per film?

Absolutely loads!

How much is sharukh khan get paid for a film?

go ask your mom

How much vivek oberoi gets paid per film?


How much does an actress get paid every year?

An actress is paid based on how popular she is and it is not an annual salary, it varies by film.

How much do film producers get paid?

however much they put into the movie they will get it back with some more..

What factors decide how much an actor is paid?

Usually, how much an actor gets paid is directly related to how much their contribution to the film will affect it's earning potential.

How much do film directors get paid?

for 1 descent movie; probably about £500,000

How much is jessica biel paid per film?

yes i is exctremely hard!

How much actor ajith paid per film?

2-4 c.

How much did harry styles get paid for starring in the film Dunkirk?

20 quid

How much was James Earl Jones paid for His role as the voice of Darth Vader voice?

He was paid $7,000 for the original film.

What is the duration of Paid in Full film?

The duration of Paid in Full - film - is 1.62 hours.

How much was Will Smith paid for his role in the film 'Men in Black'?

In 1997 for his role in the film "Men in Black", Will Smith was paid $5 million. The film was very successful as it grossed over $589 million and was made on a $90 million budget.

How much money did Will Smith make from each of his movies?

Currently, as of 2009, he is the highest paid actor. He gets paid 80 million+ 'per film.

How much do Bollywood actors get paid?

It depends on the celebrity status of the actor and the budget of the film-makers.

When was Paid in Full - film - created?

Paid in Full - film - was created on 2002-10-25.