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it costs £29.90or go to for the exact same thing but free!
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Does mileyworld have contests?

Yes mileyworld does have contest in facts tons of them

Does Mileyworld cost ANY money at all?

MileyWorld cost 29.95 a year

What is MileyWorld?

What is Miley Cyrus screename? or just mileyworld hey.. um her AOL screename is McStunnaCyrus

How do you text miley?

In Mileyworld you can

How do you enter a credit card thing for mileyworld?

You enter your credit card number into mileyworld when you fill in the details for "join now."

What is mileys username 4 mileyworld?


How do you get a mileyworld vip code?

pleasetell me

Does Debby Ryan have a Mileyworld?

Yes she does have a mileyworld. It is yomoandmissy. Her username is yomoandmissy because she had to give away her dogs. no she doesnt she has a stupid world LOL

What is noah Cyrus password on mileyworld?


Do you need to pay to join mileyworld?


Is mileyworld fun?

I sure I hope so!!

What is Miley Cyrus mileyworld username?


What is noah Cyrus password for mileyworld?


Does mileyworld deliver?

It can deliver a membership pack.

How do you enter mileyworld?

You have to sign up, but by doing this you must pay 30 dollars. Then you will have access to all mileyworld areas and you will get a cool welcome package in the mail.

Can I borrow someone's MileyWorld VIP code?

can i borrow someone's mileyworld VIP code? or go to for the exact same thing but free!

Is Mileyworld worth paying for?

Yes! Deffonatly! I have been a member on MileyWorld for 2 years- it's so good I payed twice! I would deffonatly join!

What does a annual membership mean in MileyWorld?

Annaual Memberships are memberships that you purchase once a year. In MileyWorld you pay a low price of $29.95 for a FULL YEAR of membership.

Does Noah Cyrus have a Mileyworld?

yes im sure she does.

Does Selena Gomez have a mileyworld?

yes it's selenagomez

Where can you find mileyworld cheats?

Do you have to pay to go on mileyworld?

Yes, if you wanna sign up membership is $29.95 for one year. After that year is up you can renew your membership but you have to pay $29.95 again. You can keep renewing your membership like this until you don't wanna be on MileyWorld. P.S. I'm on MileyWorld too and my username is PinkPurple99. add me!

What does a member of mileyworld do?

A member of MileyWorld gets a member pack and gets to use cool features on These features include: MileyWorld chat rooms-chat about all things Miley and tons more, exclusive videos Miley has personally recorded, updates, news, blogs and tons more!

Do the Jonas Brothers have a mileyworld account?

yesi want the Jonas brothers to come to my bday partyi am turnin 11 pleeeeeeaze com i luv u joe!!!!!!Do the Jonas Brothers have a Mileyworld Acountdo you seriosley think they do?Their 16 18 and 21 why would they have a mileyworld account?Just use common sense.

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