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How much is Tech Deck?

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They are about 4 to 5 dollars

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How much money is a tech deck?

A tech deck is about three dollars.

How much is the tech deck megaramp?

If you look up 'tech deck megaramp' on eBay you should find megaramps for under $50.00

Where can one find examples of Tech Deck tricks?

One can find examples of tech deck tricks on the 'Tech Deck' website. There are also a number of demonstration videos for tech deck on YouTube. One simply has to enter tech deck into the search bar there.

Where can you buy tech deck nuts?

Buying tech deck nuts is impossible, if you want more buy a $3 tech deck.

How do you spot a fake tech deck?

You can spot if a tech deck is fake when it does not have the grip tape, and if there are pictures on both sides of your tech deck.

How much are Tech Deck bikes worth?

Tech deck bikes prices start at about $15. There are however a very a wide range of tech deck bikes available. Prices can go up to $30 for a brand new bike.

Can you paint your tech deck trucks?

You can, there are painted tech deck trucks.

Is your blind tech deck rare?

Your Blind Tech Deck is rare if it has a Black Rim. Same for every other Tech Deck brand.

What is the coolest tech deck in the world?

The coolest Tech Deck in the world for me is the GIRL.

How can you tell if a Tech Deck skateboard is fake?

there is no such thing as a fake tech deck

The worst tech deck?

I would say the worst tech Deck is a "Toy Machine".

How do you download tech deck live?

now dowlnload tech deck live beta

Shall you get Tech Deck or gx racers?

Tech deck they are way more fun

What is a tech deck?

A Tech Deck is a little plastic skateboard, designed for you to play with, using your fingers.

How to grind a tech deck?

Go to Youtube.com and type how to grind on a tech deck or go to Techdeck.com

See a pic of the gold Tech Deck?

google... plan b gold tech deck :)

How do you make a Tech Deck tool from scratch?

Don't just buy a Tech deck and a tool.

Are the baker Tech Deck better then a black label Tech Deck?

Black label Tech Decks are better, but all tech decks are still about the same.

Do all Tech Decks have the Tech Deck logo in the same place?

No they do not normally the tech deck logo would be in the middle ,But about last year in October a tech deck came out with it on the top of the back bolts. You can find tech decks like this rarely.

How much is one Tech Deck?

It cost $2.54 plus tax at walmart.

What is the most rarest Tech Deck in the world?

The rarest tech deck in the world is Plan B Gold.Who ever tells you that blind or birdhouse isthe rarest tech deck in the world then there WRONG.

Best tech deck?

I would say that the best Tech Deck is ZERO because of its amazing grip!

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