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How much is WWE wrestler pay check?


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probably about 1500$ a match

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You don't contact anyone if you want to be a wwe wrestler you have to bust you butt on the indi circuit and they barely pay at all. If the wwe likes what they see they will contact you

there are a lot of ways u can try out for tough enough, join a wrestling school with a wwe superstar or a former wwe superstar Matt Hardy has one send him a video of u wrestling, how good of an athlete are u, and u might get in, join NXT, if u have a lot of money u can pay to get in, join some fair shows i think wrestler go to see those so u might get noticed, or u go for tna with that new thing gut check so try these options there maybe more but i think i covered it. You can't join NXT unless you have a development contract already with WWE. No you can not pay to get into WWE as a wrestler! Again with TNA's gut check you have to already have a development contract with them.

You don't pay to get into WWE! If you don't have a contract you won't be in WWE

Depends on the contract

The Undertaker theme "Rollin" is by Limp Biskit, and "Your gonna pay" is by Jim Johnston! Johnston does many wwe wrestler themes!

some times $$$$$$$$50,000 per show

no but you have to have a license

First of all I don't think it works like that, they pay you and in order to get paid you have to have talent and experience in wrestling and it's WWE not the WWE.

They do not discuss their pay with anyone other than their boss

For the high-definition (HD) pay-per-views, WWE charges $49.99 for all their PPV events, except for WrestleMania, which costs $64.95.

It was James A Johnston You can check google: James A Johnston you're gonna pay. He has an entire CD with WWE Themes. - Daphne

The WWE pay but for someone like Triple H he goes With the McMahon's to shows ect in a Private jet. nO HE D DOESN'T

all u need to do is to call wwe headquarters and then go to wrestling school which ever one they send u to

WWE PPV Costs about $39.45 or 39.99

45.99 for regular pay-per-view wrestlemania is 55.99

you can log onto WWE.com and go on wwe universe during a pay per veiw and talk to them or you can check the websit of wwe.com and it will tell you if there is any autograph signings coming up

only Pay Per Views are on Sundays for WWE

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is estimated around £83.7 billion pound and earns 47 million in a year excluding pay per views

There is no telling if Taylor Hendrix will go to the WWE. Him going to the WWE would depend on if the WWE wants him and what they are willing to pay him.

We can chat at live wwe ppv(pay-per-view)

When the WWE wrestlers and/or staff stay in a hotel, WWE obviously pays for it.

as much as he wants. but engrish teachers get more. CHECK YOUR SPELLING

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