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How much is a 1888 Indian head penny worth?


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In average circulated condition, and 1888 Indian Head Cent is worth about a dollar.

If you can make out all the letters in LIBERTY on the headband, it will be worth $3-$4

If it looks almost like new, it's worth about $15

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Wheat pennies first appeared in 1909, so there ARE no 1888 wheats. If you have an Indian head penny dated 1888, it's worth about $2.50.

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This is an Indian head penny, no wheat. This coin is worth about $3 to $10 in average circulated condition

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There is no such coin as a Indian Head Buckwheat penny, but a 1898 Indian Head cent in average condition is worth $1.00-$3.00

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An 1896 Indian Head Penny in good condition is worth $1.35, in fine condition is worth $2.00, in uncirculated condition is worth $30.00, proof is worth $150.00.

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1869 Indian Head Penny: In good condition is worth $45.00, In fine condition is worth $175.00, uncirculated is worth $400.00, proof is worth $550.00.

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