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How much is a 1911 Indian head two and one half dollar gold coin worth?


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Depending on the condition, the price range is $250 - $300.


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The coin has .12094oz of pure gold, the coin is worth $165.40 just for the gold.

The US Sacajawea coin is worth one dollar. It is not solid gold, and it is not very old.

It's worth a dollar. You can go to the bank and ask them to trade a dollar bill for a Sacajawea dollar. Presto!

Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, retail values are $324.00-$444.00 depending on the grade.

It is a coin worth one dollar.

A coin of this type would have to be seen to properly identify it. I suggest you take it to a coin shop and have it appraised.

the worth value of the liberty dollar coin is worth 50cents.

No 1911 silver dollars were made, look at the coin again and post new question.

Such a coin does not exist. The Australian One Dollar coin was first issued in 1984.

Yes Sacajawea is on a dollar coin

In 1911, the US Mint produced Indian Head $5 Half Eagle gold coins. If you have a 1911 coin, its value in extra-fine condition (EF40) is: $425.00.

the biggest is the dollar coin and like its name it's worth a dollar

The bicentennial dollar coin is still worth one dollar.

Yes, there is. These are called 10 dollar Indians.

The Andrew Johnson dollar coin is worth exactly one dollar.

The name is Sacagawea, and the coin is worth one dollar.

What is the dollar amount marked on the coin? There are 1909 two and a half, five and ten dollar coins. The $2.50 coin is worth about $3-400, the $5.00 is about $500-750, and the $10 is about $8-1200.

A Sacagawea dollar coin from circulation is only a dollar.

It's still worth one dollar.

What you presumably have is a James Buchanan presidential dollar coin. It was minted in 2010 and is worth one dollar.

2000 was the debut year for the Sacagawea dollar ,and there are millions of them. It's worth one dollar.

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