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Please post a more specific question with the coin's exact date and whether there is a mint mark letter (S or D) next to the word ONE on the back of the coin.

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Q: How much is a 1916-1945 mercury head silver dime worth?
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1941 silver dime worth?

The 1941 Mercury dime is very common, most are valued at $2.00 just for the silver.

How much money is a 1942 silver dime worth?

A 1942 Mercury silver dime could be worth between $2.00 and $30.00 depending on its condition and grade.

What is the value of a liberty 1941 silver dime worth?

The 1941 Mercury dime is very common, most are valued at $2.00 just for the silver.

How much is a silver mercury dime mint mark collection worth?


How much is a winged head silver dime worth 1944?

it is called a mercury dime it is worth 1 dollar to 50.00 dollars depends on condition

How much is a 1938 silver mucury dime worth?

The 1938 Mercury dime is common. Average circulated coins are $4.00.

How much does a1937silver dime worth?

A 1937 Mercury head dime is common, most are valued just for the silver about $3.00.

How much is a Mercury dime from 1899 worth?

You have a Barber dime; Mercury dimes started in 1916. The value depends on its grade & mint mark, but it's worth at least $4.00 just for the silver.

What is a 1958 mercury dime worth?

7-2-11>>> The last Mercury dime was struck in 1945. A 1958 dime is a Roosevelt dime (1946 to date) and is common, most are only valued for the silver, about $2.00

How much is a 1945 mercury head dime worth?

A 90% silver 1945 Mercury dime is fairly common and sells for melt (about $1.60 at today's silver prices) if circulated and $20 or so if absolutely uncirculated.

What is a 1945 mercury dime worth if in average condition?

If in average condition, it is worth its silver value which at the time of writing it is $2.11.

1937 mercury dime?

Yes they did put out a Mercury dime in 1937. In 1937 a dime was 90 percent silver. That silver would be worth about one dollar in todays dollars. Or another way to put it is, todays dollar is only worth about ten cents. The more dollars that are printed up the less all paper dollars are worth.