How much is a 1917 whiskey bottle worth?


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there is no whay to tell in less you have the name of the bottle

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well how much is a bottle of house of commons whiskey worth??

I bought a purple glass pumpkin seed whiskey bottle for $25. Price probably varies by color.

I am not sure on value but whiskey does not age on the bottle... it taste tge same as they day it was bottled sorry

i have a imported seagrams v.o canadian whisky.. i got about 20 of them.. how much is it worth?

It depends on how big the bottle is.

how much does a bottle of 30 year old bottle of jack daniels whiskey sour mash cost

my guess would be a ton more than it was in 1998.

Depending on how old the Club Whiskey by Hiram Walker and Sons bottle is that you have, prices range from $161 USD up to $303 USD.

Over one half of the retail purchase price of a typical bottle of whiskey consists of taxes.

it depends on the person buying,to me it's not worth much but it's mabye worth about 700 to some other people i know.

The same price it is now. That brand is too common to be considered a collectible.

Whiskey is aged in a cask, so once it's bottled the age remains the same.

In 1987 8 bottles were recovered and sold for a total of £4000 - so at 1987 prices 1 bottle is £500 - but as they are just about to re-make the film Whiskey Galore I guess the value could be double that.

Hello,if you have this bottle i am willing to pay you 250 pounds for it. sabine.fox@home.nl

What "bicentennial" is it commemorating? If it is a U.S. Bicentennial, it should be a 1976 bottle, not a 1996. If it is commemorating 200 years of Jack Daniels whiskey, it is probably worth whatever the whiskey is worth. Find an alcoholic on a day or at a time when the liquor stores are closed, and, if he has the money, he will probably pay you whatever price you ask for it. You can retrieve the collectible bottle from beside the railroad tracks a few hours later and sell it on eBay.

Whiskey and other distilled spirits are heavily taxed. In the U.S., over half the retail cost of the typical bottle of whiskey consists of taxes.

how much is a romen brown glass bieach bottle worth, its a gallon bottle with the cap is on

An empty Jim Beam Whiskey 100th Kentucky Derby decanter is worth around $20 in great condition. A full one with intake labels is worth slightly more, but there may be rules governing the sale of liquor involved.

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