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Sorry but no U.S. coins dated 1958 weigh "One Troy Ounce". Look at the coin again an post new question.

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It is worth around 2 cents.

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Q: How much is a 1958 troy ounce silver coin worth?
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How much is a troy silver coin 1958 ounce?

Sorry but no U.S. coins dated 1958 weigh "One Troy Ounce". Look at the coin again an post new question.

What is 1958 half dollar worth?

The 1958 Franklin half is a common coin, currently worth about $9 for the silver.

What is the value of a .999 pure silver coin worth?

It depends on the weight of your .999 pure silver coin. Currenrtly silver is $24.13 per ounce.

What is a troy ounce coin with Lincoln 1987 on it worth?

The value is only for the silver in the coin as of today(11-21-09) silver is $18.51 per ounce. Also please note: The coin is a American Silver Eagle not a walking liberty silver dollar.

What is us statehood quarter commemorative four ounce silver coin worth today?

Well, silver is about 30$ an ounce so 120 dollars.

What is the 1884 silver dollar worth?

The metal value of the coin is 90% the spot price of silver for an ounce. If the coin is in excellent shape it might be worth more to the right person.

What is the five ounce running antelope 50 the silver chief coin worth?


How much is a 1988 silver dollar liberty coin worth?

It's a 1988 one-ounce Silver Eagle bullion coin and as of today is about $18.00

What is a coin says one troy ounce silver .999 with a small shield on top of a large wreath on one side and liberty on an indian head on the other side?

This a 1oz silver bullion coin. It is worth around $40 because of the silver content. It is worth the price of silver per ounce.

What is the bill of rights bicentenial silver coin 1791 to 1991 one troy ounce .999 pure silver worth?

At today's rate, it is worth $43.40.

How much is a 1958 us silver dollar worth?

Check that coin again. There were no U.S. silver dollars minted in the 1950s.

What is the approximate worth of a one ounce silver 1988 walking lady one dollar coin worth?

One ounce of silver is around $27.35 at the time of writing, it depends on the spot price of silver which changes daily, or even hourly.