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i have a imported seagrams v.o canadian whisky.. i got about 20 of them..

how much is it worth?


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The answer is deliciousness. I just opened a bottle of 1974 and it's like candy going down.

It's worth 2 cents for the copper.

Whiskey Mountain - 1977 was released on: USA: July 1977

It is worth about 5 cents. It would be worth more if it is a commemorative coin.

By the 1970s, Canadian coins no longer contained silver. The 1977 dollar is made of pure nickel, and worth one dollar.

1977 is a common date. In 2013 the Canadian dollar is roughly at par with the US dollar so the coin would still be worth a quarter in either country.

Whiskey Mountain - 1977 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG

The 1977 Canadian Silver Jubilee one-dollar coin is worth about $14. The value varies based on the market and the coin's condition.

It's still worth 10 cents in Canada.

If you found it in change, it's worth 5 cents on both sides of the border.

Canadian Bush Party was created in 1977.

Canadian Identification Society was created in 1977.

The cast of Language and Canadian Citizenship - 1977 includes: Henry Ramer

i have a a canadian penny from the 1970 with a pig on it __ Canada hasn't issued a penny with a pig on it. Canadian pennies have the Queen on one side and maple leafs on the reverse. You likely got a Bermuda penny in your change.

Canada stopped using silver in its coins in 1968. Your quarter is made of nickel and worth face value only.

Canadian Museum of Rail Travel was created in 1977.

Aerial - Canadian band - was created in 1977.

Are 1977 peenys with the letter dunder date worth money

Its worth is $795.00 (intrinsic) or 16.97grams of 91.7% gold content 8.3%silver.

Jenny Worth was born in 1977.

Sol Worth died in 1977.

The value today is only about $30.00. (Around $80.00 less than it cost in 1977)

Using the Consumer Price Index, $10,000 in 1977 would be worth $35,522 in 2010 money.

Jeff Clarke - Canadian soccer - was born on 1977-10-18.

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