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What "bicentennial" is it commemorating? If it is a U.S. Bicentennial, it should be a 1976 bottle, not a 1996. If it is commemorating 200 years of Jack Daniels whiskey, it is probably worth whatever the whiskey is worth. Find an alcoholic on a day or at a time when the liquor stores are closed, and, if he has the money, he will probably pay you whatever price you ask for it. You can retrieve the collectible bottle from beside the railroad tracks a few hours later and sell it on eBay.


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I have an unopened bottle with original box. Value as high as $650.

if you still have and its sealed ill take off ya hands my friend!! email me ya price to

it depends who's drinking it somebody with $1000, or somebody with$1

Bicentennial Tower was created in 1996.

Speaking from experience, it fetches around 35 000 to 50 000 $ in a good, well packed auction. Be sure to propose it to the auctioneer.

25 cents each. If you're referring to the 1776-1976 bicentennial quarter, those are worth 25 cents as well.

According to Petretti's Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide copyright 1996, this bottle is worth $100.00. Have not researched further to see current value.

Please check those dates. Your coin should say 1776-1976, meaning it's a Bicentennial quarter.

Uh, wanna check that date again? Bicentennial quarters carry the date 1776-1976. If that's what you have it's only worth 25 cents.

Wanna check that date again? It's a Bicentennial quarter from 1976.Billions were minted so unless it's uncirculated, it's only worth face value.

The Tennessee Bicentennial was in 1996 and after a little searching on the Penney's website, it can be concluded they no longer sell those coins unless it would be a local sale in Tennessee. Looks to be about $225-$359/ bottle retail as of April 2008

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