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It's just a quarter, spend it.

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it is still a quarter of a dollar, therefore it is still worth 25 cents or a quarter of a Canadian dollar

how much is a 1917 quarter dollar with the misprint word trvst on it worth today

If it is still a quarter in 2020 it would be worth a quarter of a dollar.

A 1776-1976 no proof quarter dollar worth in 2012

A quarter got its name because it's worth one quarter, or one fourth, of a dollar. That is, a dollar is worth as much as four quarters. Being that the quarter is worth less, it's smaller.

.....If it is a dollar coin, it isn't a quarter. What you have is a brass circulation issue presidential dollar worth $1.

Is the 1788 quarter worth anything new york one

The first US quarter dollar was issued in 1796 not 1792.

The Susan B. Anthony coin is a dollar, not a quarter. With the exception of a couple of proof examples, it is worth about a dollar.

So many were made it's only worth a quarter

1/4 of a dollar or 25 cents. A quarter will always be worth this amount. The year does not matter.

The bicentennial quarter is extremely common, and is still worth 25 cents.

It's an ordinary circulation coin worth face value only. The Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar are almost equal in value, so a quarter is a quarter in either country.

well i think its worth 1 dollar because it is a one dollar bill.

1 million dollar go sell it

25¢, like nearly every quarter minted since 1965.

It's an ordinary cupronickel circulation coin worth 25¢

It is worth 25 cents, or one quarter of one dollar. 1966 is not old enough for the coin to have gotten valuable.

I would guess that it is worth a dollar. I don't think there is a Wisconsin dollar however.. are you referring to a quarter coin?

Of it was made in 2003 then it's worth .25 cents

4 quarters make a dollar. A single dollar is worth 100 cents. A quarter is 25 cents, 25+25+25+25=100.

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