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A properly stamped 1 gram gold bar is useful as a long term, tangible investment. The value depends on the reputation of the bar's source, the current market value of gold, and the fineness of the gold bar (i.e., 0.9999 is more fine and pure than 0.9995). A hallmarked bar from Credit Suisse is worth more than a bar from some lesser known assayer. To find the minimum base value, get the current value for a troy ounce from a place like Kitco, and divide by 31.1034768. I hope this helps someone.

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Q: How much is a 24kt 1gram gold bar worth?
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As if 07/01/12, a gram of 12K gold is $25.00

How much is 1.5 grams of 24kt gold worth?

80$ USD as of march 31st 2012

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The price of gold is set by the market place, following the economy law of supply and demand. To find out what the current price is, choose from the links below.

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- Assuming the gold is pure; 24kt - Current price of gold as of 8/8/11 in USD: ~$1707/oz - 16oz = 1lb ; 480oz= 30lb - 480oz * $1707/oz = ~$819,360

How much is 24kt gold worth?

Well, in today market don't have any stable value ... Only " Pure Solid White Gold Formula " have stable cost in the world market today... Sincerely: Professional Jewelry's. in you service!

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