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To much!

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โˆ™ 2008-04-14 22:44:14
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Q: How much is a 2jz gte engine swap?
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Is it easy to do a 2jz gte engine swap in an altezza?


Will a 2jz-gte engine work in a 1988 Toyota supra non-turbo and what tranny work with it?

yes it will, u have to do a full engine swap and get all the parts for it

What is the weight of a Toyota 2jz engine?

2JZ-GTE Alone 594 lbs+ Getrag Six Speed 746lbs

What is the oil capacity of a 98 Supra?

If it's the same as the 97 Supra: 2JZ-GE engine: With filter 5.2L Without filter 4.9L 2JZ-GTE engine With filter 5.0L Without filter 4.7L

Where can one buy a 2JZGTE engine online?

There are a few online retailers that have a 2JZ GTE engine for sale. Some of the websites include eBay, SupraStore, JDM Engine World, and Car Monkeys.

What motor is in a Toyota supra?

2jz-gte inline 6 3.0l twin turbo or the 2jz-ge inline 6 3.0l naturally aspirated

What is the best engine you can put in a Toyota Supra MK4?

ls9? it already comes with a 2jz gte/ge and that's a really good engine that can make 1000+ hp.or you could put a viper engine

What engines can be put into an 1987 Toyota Supra?

Several Engines are possible. My personal opinion is the 7MGTE is the best engine for the car, however the 2JZ-GTE found on 1993 and up will give you more power. Also, the 1JZ-GTE can be swapped in. Several other motors are available of course, such as the SR20 or the KA, and LS1 could even be dropped in if found wanting. However the 2JZ-GTE is probably your best bet, then the 7M.

What kind of engine can fit an 1995 240sx?

different motors have been swapped into 240s. SR20DET and RB26 or RB25 motors are also a popular swap. Depending on how much you want to spend almost anything is possible. LS1's from corvettes, or 2jz-gte from the Supra are all possible but require a ton of money to make it work properly.

Is it possible to fit a Toyota Supra turbo engine on a 1988 Nissan 300ZX?

It's possible, in fact here's a 2JZ-GTE in an '88 or so z31, click on the engine link.

How much does it cost to replace piston rings on a 1994 Toyota MR2?

Which engine?? 5SFE or the Turboed 3S-GTE?

What is a good engine for a 1986 supra?

the 1jz gte engine works s very well.that

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