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Q: How much is a 3121 Stevens double barrel shotgun worth?
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What is a Stevens 2100 double barrel shotgun worth?

The Stevens double barrel shotgun is worth $350 to $450 dollars. The value is determined by the gun's mechanical condition.

What is the value of a Stevens double barrel shotgun with 30 in barrels worth?

100-300 USD

What is the worth of a Stevens arms model 335 double barrel shotgun?

100-300 USD

What is a Stevens 12 gauge Ranger double barrel shotgun pattened April 20 1915 worth?

50-100 USD

How much is a Springfield J Stevens 12 gauge double barrel shotgun pat April 20 1915 worth?


How much is a double barrel 5100 12 gauge shotgun from the J Stevens Arms Company worth?

I just purchased one for 250 dollars

How much is a matador double barrel shotgun worth?

alot of fun

What is the value of a Western Field double barrel shotgun?

Made by Stevens for Montgomery Ward. It's equivalent to the Stevens 311. If fully functional, but not in like-new condition, it should be worth $200+ (retail).

What is a Damascus twist steel double barrel shotgun worth?

A Damascus twist steel double barrel shotgun is an antique shotgun made by layering iron and steel and welding them together. This kind of shotgun is worth approximately $3,000 depending on the condition of the weapon.

What is a kh992091 khan 410 double barrel shotgun worth?

Probably $100.

How much is a boito double barrel shotgun worth?

50-100 USD

What is a falcon arms double barrel hammerlock shotgun 20646 made with belgium laminated steel worth?

What is a Falcon Arms double barrel Hammerlock shotgun 20646 made with belgium laminated steel worth?

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