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Q: How much is a August 12 1913 Stevens rifle 410 Bore 12mm worth?
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How much is your hr 410-12mm worcester mass pat feb 27 1900 worth?

i have a h-r 410-12mm . pat. feb.27. 1900and ser.#a82578. how much is this gun worth. thank. c. french.

How much is a 12mm shotgun worth?

Need to know who made it, overall condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

What is 12MM plus 12CM?

12mm + 12cm

How many cm in 12mm?

1.2 cm in 12mm

What is a Green Bug 410-12mm choke Bridge Gun Company worth?

Wrong place to ask. This is for COLT firearms.

Lug nut size on 1987 El Camino?

12mm 12mm

What types of drill bit to be used for hole of 12mm dia in 12mm SS plate?

A standard HSS drill bit in 12mm is all that's needed.

Is 12mm and half inch MDF the same?

yes,12mm= approx 1/2inch.

How can you find the date of manufacture and the value and why the barrel is not rifled out on a 410 bore or 12MM high pressure one piece barrel?

It's not rifled because it is a shotgun. It is most likely a Stevens product made c. 1920-1950.

What is a Harrington Richardson Handy Gun 410-12mm choke Model 1915 sn 19190 rifle worth. And how can you properly register the HR Handy Gun?

410 is a shotgun, not a rifle. And I can't find any H&R Model 1915, rifle, shotgun, or pistol, so that is probably a patent date. What type action does it have and are there any other markings? The 410 Handy Gun is a pistol which fires 410 shotgun rounds. It is impossible to register and illegal from what I've been able to gather. The Handy Gun is a .410 bore shotgun pistol manufactured by H&R. The Model 1915 was the successor to the Model 1905 shotgun line. The 410-12mm refers to the bore size simply in millimeters instead of inches. They were also marked 410-44 from 1916-1921. The 410-12mm marking was used between 1922-1936. If the gun is not already registered as a short barreled shotgun it will probably not be allowed and will most likely be confiscated by the BATF. I have a standard Model 1915 myself.

What is the advantage with 12mm vs 13mm cue tips?

12mm gives more spin on the cue ball

What is the value range of a Newport 410-12mm choke shotgun Model WN A652919?

It's a shotgun, not a rifle. Value for the single-barrel 'Newport' guns in .410 run about $75-$100.