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I really dont know the answer as far as "worth" I see them for sale in medium condition for 600-900. I paid 300 for mine last week and it is 95%. I have seen just the barrells for as much as 395. I believe your serial number is actually 1G 29568 which means it was made in 1961. The man above got a real bargain. In near mint condition a 1961 Light can go upwards to $2000, but normal wear & handling marks will usually put a gun between $450-1200. A professional appraisal is recommended.

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Q: How much is a Belgian Browning light 12 Ga with gold trigger serial number 1629568 in good condition worth?
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What is the value of a Belgian made Browning Sweet Sixteen shotgun with gold trigger made around 1950 in excellent condition?

500 USD

What is the value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen semi-automatic with a gold trigger and engraving in excellent condition?

Sweet Sixteens, whether Belgian or Japanese, in original excellent condition, are bringing over $1000.

How much is a Belgian Browning Light Twelve 12 Ga with a gold trigger serial?

50-550 usd

What year is a Belgian browning 12 with 3g 24931 above the trigger?

The Browning web site has extensive serial number data located under customer service.

How much is a Sweet sixteen browning automatic belgian made with gold trigger and rib barrel?

See the link below

What is the year of maunfacture and general value of a belgian browning a5 light 12 gold trigger sn 69g 73xxx?


Belgian Browning light twelve serial og10542 gold trigger what was the year made Thanks?

according to Browning you have a Light A-5 12 ga. made in 1960. Hope this helps

What is the age and value of a Belgian Gold Trigger Browning Sweet sixteen serial S over 82617?

1957. Value from $450-$1400.

What is the value of a twelve gauge belgian made light browning with gold trigger and ventilated barrel which has never been fired?

500 USD

How much is a Belgian Browning light 12 Ga with gold trigger serial number 1G 55476 in good condition worth?

your browning auto-5 light weight 12ga which was made in 1961,are selling for between 450-600 dollars in good overall condition.with a good bore.

Browning auto light 12 gold trigger made in belgium serial 01222RR211 good condition what year was it manufactured?

Browning auto light 12 gold trigger made in belgium serial 01222RR211 good condition what year was it manufactured?

What is the value of a Belgian-made 12 gauge Browning Automatic with a gold trigger that has never been shot?

i want to know if this gun is for sale

What is a 12ga light twelve browning shotgun with gold trigger in excellent condition worth?

100-400 usd

What is the value of Browning Model 81 lever action rifle with gold trigger?

Depending on condition, 250-750 USD.

What is value of gold trigger browning collector shotgun serial?

100-10000 USD depending on exactly what you have, condition, etc..

Why doesn't my 1967 Belgium Browning have a gold trigger?

Only the "light" Twenty" had a gold trigger. My 1964 Belgium Browning Light Twenty has a gold trigger.

What is a browning automatic light 12 ga with gold trigger worth?

A Browning automatic light 12 gauge shotgun with a gold trigger is worth between $300 and $1,000. The actual value varies greatly based on the specific model and its overall condition.

What is the value of a Browning Gold Trigger automatic shot gun?

Too vague a question. List the guage, serial number and the condition

What is the value of a browning Auto 5 light twelve trigger plated gold 72G93339 in good condition?

50-400 usd

How do you adjust the trigger on a browning blr?

You find a Browning trained armorer

Belgian Browning Light 12 GA with a Gold Trigger Never been fired What is it estimated worth?

It would depend on the year made and if Belgian or Japan. Unfired is of less importance than the finish.Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal.

What is the value of a Belgian Sweet Sixteen Gold Trigger serial 69S 88050?

Made in 1969. Depends on condition: from a $500 shooter to $1500 as a collector piece.

What is value of Belgian made 16 gauge serial number S24677 with gold trigger mint condition?

100-1000 USD or so depending on specifics

What is the approximate value and history of a Belgium made Browning 20 gauge over under serial 21819 with a gold trigger in like new condition?

You will need to conatact Browning and order a letter from them

What is the value of browning 22 caliber pistol with gold trigger?

The exact value of a Browning 22 caliber pistol with gold trigger is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would include the gold content, year and condition of the pistol.