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$10-$15 as a parts gun. $50-$100, in useable condition. Maybe $150+ if absolutely new condition.

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Q: How much is a Belknap 22 rifle bolt action with 10 or 12 shells made in Louisville KY model b964 in very good condition worth?
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What shells for bolt action shotgun?

It should be marked on the barrel or recieiver.

How many shells does the browning lever action hold?

Varies according to caliber.

What part of the firearm loads fire and ejects shells or cartridges?

Action or reciever

Who makes a bolt action 410 gauge shotgun that hold 3 shells?


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What is the value of a box of western super x mark 5 16 gauge shotgun shells with the label all new plastic?

if box is good condition, and all shells in it...100$

What is the value of a Mossberg New Haven Model 495 bolt-action 12 ga 28 full choke shotgun chambered for 2 34 and 3 inch shells?

The value of a Mossberg New Haven bolt-action 12 gauge shotgun actually depends on a couple things. Most important would be the condition of the shotgun.

JC Higgins 20 gauge bolt action 583.25 can it take 3 inch shells?

yes it does

What does the action of a firearm do?

It kicks out the empty shells and replaces it with a new one. - that's for semi automatic guns.

Is it OK to shoot slug loads in an older Model 1100 20 Ga youth model?

So long as the barrel and action are in good condition, it will fire them safely.The barrel is choked for shot shells, not slugs, so it's not going to be very accurate.

Can you shoot 2 14 in shells from a shotgun chambered for 3 in shells?

Generally, you can fire any ammunition that's 3" or shorter (fired length) in a 3" chamber shotgun. however, a 2 1/4 inch shell may not be handled by the action of a pump, autoloader or bolt action gun.

What is the value of a Stevens 86d 22 rifle?

I just bought one in great condition for $100 with 6 boxes of shells.

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What is the value of a Stevens model 58-12 gauge shot gun made by savage arms in chicopee falls Massachusetts. This is a bolt action with clip that holds 2 shells.?

this is a bolt action shotgun

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Browning A500R751NZ10260 with 3 choke tubes the gun is in excellent condition with less than a box of shells through it what it its value?


What is the value of a nr Davis sons 16 gage Diana single barrel shotgun?

Condition is important. $50 on the low side to perhaps $150 if pristine. Be aware that one shouldn't fire modern shells through it; stick with 2 1/2 inch shells. has a line of shells called Vintager that should run through the Diana acceptably.

What is the value of an American Eagle bolt action marked 32C with a clip that holds two more shells?

Those were bolt-action shotguns produced by Noble. Value would be under $100.

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How many shells does a shotgun hold?

Anywhere from 1 to 20 or more depending on action type, feeding system, type of shell and gauge.

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What is the value of 125Th anniversary Winchester shotgun shells?

I have just bought a box of the 125th anniversary Winchester shotgun shells for $25.00 Canadian. I have found a box for $70.00 Canadian also. The box that I just bought is in very mint condition hope this helps you.