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there are over 100 different model Crosman airguns. You need to specify the model and the condition of the Crosman you want to know about

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Q: How much is a Crosman air gun worth?
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How much is a Crosman air pellet gun worth?

What model is it. How old is it, what condition is it in, is it still working?

How much is a Crosman 38T pellet gun worth?

What condition is it in. That determines the value

Who has replacement parts for a crosman 600 pellet gun or who can repair it?

Crosman offers a service to locate air gun repair shops that service older Crosman air guns. See the link below.

What is the worth of a bb gun from sears and roebuck in fair condition?

Both Daisy and Crosman air guns made BB guns for Sears. you will have to state the model to get an estimate of the value. Check the model number on the gun, any model that begins with 126 was made by Crosman air gun and any model that begins with 799 was made by Daisy air gun.

Is there a parts manual for JC Higgins 126.102940 bb gun?

This air rifle was made by Crosman air gun company. In reality it is a Crosman model V350. Crosman has the parts manual online See the link below. Crosman also offers a service to locate shops that repair older Crosman air rifles.

Your revelation pellet gun will not pump air - what do you repair and where can you get it?

The Revelation brand was made by Crosman Air gun. Crosman offers a free service to "Find a service center" on their Crosman home page. It will give you the location of several places that repair Crosman air guns. See the related link.

Need seal for crosman 454 air b b gun?

Model 454 Mfg 1972-82. Crosman no longer repairs this model but you can search the web under "Air Gun repair" and find a location near you to repair it. However remember that this gun in PERFECT condition is only worth about $50 at best.

Need air pump seals for a model 760 crosman air gun?

Crosman still has parts for this model. See the links below for Customer Service Contact and all the Crosman parts and Owners manuals online. BTW it's an Air Rifle not an Air gun.

How much is a crosman slide-action 3500 b-b gun worth in fair condition?

It would be worth somewhere between $35 -$55

What is a crosman 2100 classic bb gun worth in very good condition?

it would be worth somewhere around $45. Source Bluebook of air guns 9th edition.

How Much is a 2006 Daisy 10 pump BB Gun Worth?

Are you talking about a Gun or a Rifle? Please post the question again, except this time please add the model number, you will find it on the barrel. As far as I know Daisy doesn't make a 2006 10 pump BB Gun. They do make several single pump air rifles. However Crosman does make a multi pump Air gun, the Crosman American Classic. It this what you are asking?

What is the phone number of Crosman air gun company?

Here is the contact information for CROSMAN. See the link below.