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How much is a GameCube worth with 30 games?


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This depends on the games. Many old games have become collector items and may be worth significant amounts if sold online.

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It would be worth selling for at lease $20 to $30 nowadays.

About 30 dollars. Nothing much. In Amazon they have used & new for 23 dollars.

wii is 270 CAD wii games are almost 60 CAD each ,controllers are 60 CAD. nunchucks are 30 cad i think. gamecube is 40 dollars and all games are 5 i think

gamecube right now is 30 bucks NT includin tax i might buy one too

About 30$ in America (really cheap)

Get a buch of Pokemon and about $30

$150, $30 for the console and $5 for the games.

Gamecube is a fairly old system, you could maybe get 30-50 dollars for it

they're $30 at game stop

It really depends, about 30 maybe, it depends how good it is.

Well around now. Games are worth from 50p -£4 and the xbox console for £20 ..... Unless you are talking about the 360

This cable sells for around 30 dollars.

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Not sure, I think 50$ - 99$ You can buy one at Gamestop for about $30

Probably not a lot, you can buy them for 30 dollars.

Brawl is not on Gamecube, it's on Wii. If you mean Melee, I think it's $10. Brawl is probably $30.

yes there is a device you put on the bottom of the gamecube that plays all gameboy gameboy color gameboy advance games ever made only like 30 $ better quility picture than on gameboy

In mint condition, a used game cube can go for about only 15 to 20 dollars. If you sell it to a collector though, mayby 30. Usually the games go for more than the actual station. They can be in the range of 15 to 100 dollars depending on the rarity.

If it is stuffed with 30 $1 bills, it would be worth 30$. Otherwise it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Not much.

I bought mine for $30 so it must be worth $30

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