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Q: How much is a Jeff Gordan Daytona rolex watch worth?
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How much is my rolex watch with the numbers 3495853 quarts Swiss watch worth?

How much is my Rolex watch worth

What is a used rolex watch worth?

The worth of a used rolex depends on various factors like the model, condition and how old the watch is.

How much is a rolex explorer worth?

Rolex inc is estimated net worth $200.58 Billion not to bad for a watch company...

How much is a 18k rolex watch r1628 worth?

Around $23,000

How much is a used rolex watch worth?

depends on the model and the age and the condition and search...

How much is a 6 month old rolex watch gmt 2 worth?

$3,000 one time i was in las Vegas at ceasars palace i seen a rolex it was $5,595

What make of watch does David Cameron wear?

David Cameron wears a Rolex Cellini, a VERY smart watch, worth thousands of pounds!

How much is a ladies Rolex watch worth with a serial number 3495853?

20 bucks - it's fake

Are replica rolexs worth anything?

If a replica, the watch is not a Rolex and therefore, has little value. It is also illegal to sell knock-offs.

Is a watch box completely necessary to protect your Rolex?

A watch box is not completely necessary to protect a Rolex, or any other brand of watch. It is however a good investment and will offer good protection to a watch when not being used. When spending large amounts of money on any item, it is worth spending a little extra to protect it and maintain the life of the item.

How much would a 1916 antique rose gold Rolex watch be worth It is a ladies watch and you believe it was made for the The Dennison Watch company in Birmingham?

if it is real it should back up to about 3.5 times the original price or up depending on the damages. any watches by rolex dating back to the early 1900's went up sky high

How can you tell how much your rolex worth?

your receipt