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As far as I can see, among the Israelites, there were five main divisions of weights and money:

The gerah, half shekel (bekah), shekel, mina, and talent. (Exodus 25:39; 30:13; 38:25, 26; 1Kings 10:17; Ezekiel 45:12)

The writings of ancient Israel indicates that the mina was worth 50-60 shekels (Ezekiel 45:12), and would be worth $110.10 for silver and $6,422.50 for the gold mina, in modern values.

By Jesus' time, according to Greek writers of the day, the divisions were now the lepton (Jewish), quadrans (Roman), assarion (Roman and provincial), denarius (Roman), drachma (Greek), didrachma (Greek), and the stater (Matthew 5:26; 10:29; 17:24, 27; 20:10; Mark 12:42; Luke 12:6, 59; 15:8; 21:2)

The mina was worth '100 drachmas'. Accordingly, the present-day value would be $65.40, which amounted to about a fourth of the wages earned annually by an agricultural worker.(Luke 19:13-25)

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Q: How much is a Mina worth in the Bible?
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