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Q: How much is a Revelation 22 bolt action single shot?
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How much is a revelation model 325A bolt action 20G worth?

About $75.

How much is a 12 gauge revelation gun worth?

Single shot or bolt action, $50-$90. Pump or automatic, $90-$150. Double barrel, $150-$200.

How much is a 3030 bolt action revelation rifle worth?

50-500 USD depending on specifics

How much is a Western Auto Supply Company Revelation bolt action 16 gauge model r316bkb worth?

The asking price online for a used Revelation 16-gauge bolt action R316BKB is $100 to $140. The price partly depends on the condition of the gun and if anything, such as magazines, come with it.

How much is an Inter arms 30.06 single shot bolt action rifle worth?

300 or so

How much is a Springfield 37b 410 worth SINGLE SHOT BOLT ACTION?

About $100-$150 depending on the condition!!

How much is a bolt action single shot H and R worth?

10-100 USD depending on specifics

How much is a 22 cal bolt action Noble arms worth?

how much is a noble arms 22 cal bolt action worth

Were can you find an extractor for a springfield meteor I am unable to find much information on the gun but it is a bolt action single shot 22.?

have you checked with MIDWAY.COM

How much is a westfield bolt action rifle?


How much is a 50 caliber rifle?

For a .50 BMG rifle, $3000 and up, with $3000 being just for a basic, bolt action single shot model.

How much is a Revelation model 312aka bolt action shotgun worth?

$50-85, depending on condition. These were low cost shotguns (IIRC, made by Mossberg for Western Auto) but very functional hunting weapons.

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