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A penny farthing is an old kind of bicycle with a big front wheel and a small rear wheel. By 1947 they were too old to be useful but not old enough to be interesting. Scrap value.

Pennies and farthings were coins. They have separate values.

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A Penny Farthing was a popular type of 19th century bicycle, not a coin.

The Penny Farthing bicycle was so named because of the disparate sizes of the two wheels, the front wheel being very large and the rear wheel being relatively very small, like a comparison of the Penny and Farthing coins of the period.

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A Penny Farthing was a popular type of 19th century bicycle so named because of the disparate size of the front and back wheels which were likened to a Penny and a Farthing.

Both 1938 coins have the denomination clearly inscribed on them. Please decide on which coin you are interested in and submit a new question specifying the denomination and year.

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A Penny farthing is a bicycle and they were no longer made in 1915.

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Q: How much is a UK 1938 penny farthing worth?
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Are the old penny farthing bikes worth much?

A penny farthing in fair to good condition, can be worth between £800 to £1500.

How rare is a 1938 penny?

how much is 1938 penny worth

How much is a penny farthing1944 worth?

A 1944 farthing* in average condition sells for less than a dollar. (*) Note : A "penny farthing" is a type of bicycle. A farthing is 1/4 of a penny, so the terms do not go together (e.g. you would not say "a dime quarter")

How much is one eighth of a penny?

Half a farthing.

What is the value of a 1949 British Penny farthing?

A Penny Farthing was a 19th Century bicycle invented in 1871 by British engineer, James Starley. It was named for the disparate size of the two wheels, the Penny being very much larger than the Farthing.

How much does a penny farthing bike cost today?


How much is a penny farthing worth dated 1910?

A British 1910 bronze Farthing (Edward VII), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £35 GBP. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, it might fetch anything from £2 to £12 GBP. A reputable coin dealer will be able to give a more accurate valuation.

How much did a peasant get paid?

Serfs a type of peasant was paid around a farthing (a quarter a penny) to a penny

How many spokes on a penny farthing?

Two wheels on a Penny Farthing: the front one is larger than the back one in proportions similar to the former currency items penny and farthing, which was only worth a quarter of a penny and was much smaller.

What is the historical value of a penny farthing bicycle?

In itself, not that much. It was too expensive and too difficult/dangerous to use, it never got particularly widespread. But the penny farthing lead on to the Safety Bike, and with that, the bike as we know it today was pretty much invented.

How much would a farthing cost?

If i remember correctly, then its 1/4 of a penny used by the British.

Who Penny farthing how does it work?

A penny farthing is a bicycle in England from many years ago. It is a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel that was popular until the development of the safety bicycle, in the 1880s.