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If it is all original and in excellent condition $750-850. In very good condition $550-600.

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Q: How much is a Winchester 1917 rifle worth serial number284399?
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What is the value of a model 1894 Winchester rifle serial 760365?

1894 25-35 lever action winchester rifle how much is it worth?

How much would a 1894 Winchester Rifle serial number 357641 be worth?


How old is this Winchester 300 magnum serial number 635113 and how much is it worth?

If you have a model 70 winchester rifle?then it was made in 1964 with the serial number you provided.

How much is model 1894 Winchester rifle worth serial no 229739?

350-2,000 dollars.  

How much is a Winchester 94 30 30 rifle worth serial number 2999507?

Go to and enter serial # in

What is a Winchester 94 WC worth?

before you can establish a value you must have a serial# and condition of the rifle in your question.

How much is a model 92 Winchester rifle worth serial?

Please include the serial number with your question,as this will determine the age of your rifle.The age and condition of your rifle determines the value.

When and where was Winchester model 94 30-30 serial 1933869 made and What is it worth?

The serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made at Winchester,s New Haven,Conn.facility in the year 1953.

How much is 94 Winchester rifle worth serial number 1465678?

Your Winchester model 1894 rifle is valued at between 350-550 dollars for a winchester model 1894 made during the war years 1943-1948.

What is a 6022 Winchester rifle worth?

No such model made by Winchester

What value does a 22 caliber rifle Winchester model 61 serial number 46958?

22 caliber rifle Winchester model 61 serial number 46958 is considered very valuable. This specific Winchester model group is worth any where from 500 dollars to over 3,000 dollars.

What is the worth of Winchester rifle model 1873 serial 341172b 38wcf?

100-1000 USD and up depending on specifics

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