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they vary to which food you buy from like -£10 to £30+

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Q: How much is a bag of horse feed?
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How much does a bag of horse feed cost?

Well price varies by brand and bag size but in the USA a typical bag of horse feed will cost between $10 -$18.

How much does a bag of horse feed weigh?

Normally 50 lbs

How much is safe and sound horse feed?

around $11.00 to $12.00 a bag.

How long does a bag of horse feed last?

Depends on the type of feed, how many horses you have, and how much you are required to feed them of that product.

How long does a bag of horse feed last for one horse?

Well this will depend on several factors, first how many pounds of feed is in the bag? Secondly, how much feed is the horse supposed to receive each day? Lets say you have a 40lb bag of pellets, and you have a horse that gets 6 lbs of pellets a day 40 divide by 6 = just over 6 days of feed.

What is the average weight of a bag of horse feed?

Fourty pounds.

How are cereals served to horses?

usually on the back of the box or bag holding the vitamins/cereal, there will be a weight chart. weigh your horse using a horse weigh tape and look at the back of the box you bag will tell you, depending on how much your horse weighs, how much to feed it.

What are ways to get your horse fatter?

Feed it a higher protein food. The ingredients and their percentages are listed on the tag of the feed bag.

How do you get a horse to stop eating to be bridled?

You put the reins over the horses neck and pull the horses neck up. Or if it has a feed bag remove the feed bag from the horse and then bridle the horse. But you should really leave the horse to eat its food so it won't try to ear the grass while riding

How do you feed your horse fodder on horse?

Click on the Feed next to the Carrot Drink Groom Hand and Turnip and then feed your horse Fodder as much as it needs.

How much would 21 kilograms of horse feed cost?

21 Kg of horse feed will vary in price according to brand and type, how much the store marks the price up, if you have any coupons, and the location of the store. Here in the US for a roughly equivalent sized bag it could cost anywhere from $10 to $35 per bag.

How many bags of feed do you need for a horse?

Well for 1 horse getting 1 bag would be enough for like 2 or 3 weeks depends how much it eats and how big the bag of pellets is but you will always have to buy more like you would for a dog.....................

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