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Basically impossible to value with no other information.


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That marking just means "Special Steel". You need to find a model name or number to determine what it might be worth.

Basically impossible to value with just the serial number.

No such thing as a 22 Shotgun.

A Browning A-500g shotgun in excellent condition is worth about 900 dollars.

I would need to know what model of Browning shotgun you are asking about in order to answer your question.

Depending on condition,your browning auto-5 shotgun is valued at between 425-725 dollars.

What model of browning shotgun are we talking about? I would need to know this in order to help you answer this question.

Please add the model of Browning shotgun you have to this info,to get the answer you seek.

what model of browning semi-auto shotgun are we talking about?I show no B prefix to the serial number on the browning auto-5 shotguns made.

I own a Browning A5, 12ga,Japan made shotgun, ser: 04078. what is it worth?

Depending on condtion 200-400 USD how can a browning in almost perfect condition ,1925 model with only a 4 diget only be worth 400.00.

A Browning Ducks Unlimited 12G in perfect condition is worth $1100-1400 That's what the last six got sold for. It's a truly beautiful shotgun. The rusty ones at pawn shops sell for $500+.

i have a shotgun double barrel, i think it maybe 12gauge with Richard or righard on the plate below the barrel, the butt of the shotgun has browning automatic on it, which made me think it was a browning, but it is not...can you help me id the shotgun and what the value is

How much is a Browning Sweet 16 gold trigger shotgun worth?

10-10000 USD depending on specifics.

Your browning auto-5 shotgun was made by FN of belguim for browning in 1938.In the condition that you describe your shotgun should be worth between 450-550 dollars.

The number X1850 indicates the serial number.This serial number shows that you have a browning auto-5 16 gauge shotgun that was made in the year 1947.

Browning did not make an Invector model. That is the type choke system of the shotgun.

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