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How much is a browning sweet 16 gauge gold trigger worth?


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How much is a Browning Sweet 16 gold trigger shotgun worth?

A Browning automatic light 12 gauge shotgun with a gold trigger is worth between $300 and $1,000. The actual value varies greatly based on the specific model and its overall condition.

Browning made Sweet 16's in 1955, however there was not a special Anniversary model made that year. A 1955 Sweet will run in the $400-$2000 range depending on condition.

your browning sweet sixteen was made in 1965.assuming that you have a standard grade in 80% condition it would be worth about 625.00 dollars,if it has a vent rib barrel it would be worth 875.00 dollars. if the shotgun is in better condition say 90% the value would go up another 100-250 dollars.

You can get a historical letter from Browning that will date it if they have the records. Check internet gun auction sites for prices of ones similar to yours.

Browning Citori 12 gage over and under & a Browning Goldtrigger Light Twelve: How much are they worth?

Impossible to answer without more information

50-1000 USD depending on specifics

Between 6 and 7 hundred dollars.

depending on overall condition $350 - $500

100-10000 USD depending on specifics.

Depends on condition and what grade. Could be a few hundred or multiple thousands. No way to tell without a better description.

The number X1850 indicates the serial number.This serial number shows that you have a browning auto-5 16 gauge shotgun that was made in the year 1947.

100-1000 + USD dependng on specifics.

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

Anywhere from $700 to $1200, or even more, depending on its condition.

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