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25 cents if the quarter was made in 1965 or later. Gold plating really adds nothing to the value of a coin and is considered to be damage to a collector. While interesting, the amount of gold used in gold plating is too small to be stripped off and sold and make a profit. However, if the quarter is dated 1964 or earlier, it is a 90% silver quarter and is worth about $6.25 for the silver content in the quarter, but the gold adds nothing to the value.

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Q: How much is a gold plated quarter worth?
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How much is a gold 2008 Alaska quarter worth?

Not much about 25 cents worth it's plated.

How much money is worth am misplaced gold plated quarter?

Please rephrase question.

How much is a 2001 gold plated quarter worth?

It is only worth 25 cents and in no longer spendable.

Who much is a Bicentennial - Drummer Boy - Gold Plated Quarter worth?

July 24, 2009 Gold plating a coin destroys its numismatic value. The Bicentennial quarter is worth but a quarter plus the value of the bit of gold used to plate it.

How much is a gold plated 1999 state quarter worth?

The gold plating adds nothing to the value of 25 cents, unless you find someone that wants it, it's a quarter.

What is the value of a 2006 gold quarter?

25 cents. It's gold-plated but not gold. It's an ordinary quarter that was plated with a tiny amount of gold and sold as a "collectible". If you think about it for a few seconds, a circulating gold quarter would be worth hundreds of dollars given the current price of the metal. Not even the densest bureaucrat would authorize a coin worth that much and put it into circulation for 25 cents.

How much is a gold quarter worth with man on maintain?

It's gold-plated, not solid gold, as US quarters have never been made of gold. It might sell for a couple dollars.

How much would a gold 2008 quarter be worth?

A 2008 gold plated quarter only has value to someone who wants it. The plating does not add to the value of the coin in any way at all. But it's still 25 cents.

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How much is 24k gold plated worth?

10 dollars

How much is a 23k gold plated watch worth?


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24kgp means that the piece is 24 karat gold plated. A gold plated piece is worth much less than a piece that is 24 karat gold.