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£2100 in mint conditions plus documentation!

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Q: How much is a mens rolex 1986 gmt stainless steel worth?
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What is a 1986 datejust rolex worth?

A Rolex GMT Master 18K Gold - Diamond & Ruby Vintage 1986 costs of around £15,000.00 but a 1986 datejust rolex is about 9.000 =]

What is a model 66-2 smith and Wesson 357 magnum stainless steal revolver?

A K frame, stainless steel revolver made between 1982 and 1986.

How much is DC No 1 The Man of Steel 1986 comic book worth?

Both the 1A and 1B versions in NM condition are selling for $1.20 .

When was The Girl From Steel City created?

The Girl From Steel City was created in 1986.

What 5 liter 8 cylinder GM engine is indicated by a Y engine code in the VIN of a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne?

This is a 307 cubic inch Oldsmobile engine. It was produced with both cast iron exhaust manifolds and stainless steel exhaust manifolds.

Where is fuel filter on 1986 Monte Carlo?

Take off your air filter. See the stainless steel line on the left side of the carb? Yhere you go. You'll need two wrenches that fit perfect on the fitting to avoid rounding off the edges.

How much is one 1986 dollar worth today?

What would $3.65 from 1986 be worth today?

What price range for colt king cobras357 mag6 inch barrel-1986 to 1992?

These were made in both blued steel and stainless steel, and are sought after collector firearms. Depending on the EXACT version and condition, values can range from $1,000 to around $3,200. Due to the wide range, I am going to have to suggest a hands-on appraisal from a knowledgeable gun dealer. Congratulations on a REALLY nice revolver.

How old is your 38 special model 60 stainless steel?

With out a serial number given,I can say that the smith and Wesson model 60 stainless was made from 1965-1972.The model 60-1 model was made from 1972-1986,and the model 60-2 was made in 1987,the model 60-3 in 1988,the model 60-4,60-5,60-7,60-8 all in 1990,and the model 60-9 in 1996.

What are the release dates for Dennis the Menace - 1986 High Steel Bicycle Mania Little Dogs Lost 1-47?

Dennis the Menace - 1986 High Steel Bicycle Mania Little Dogs Lost 1-47 was released on: USA: 25 November 1986

How much is 1986 Samick SG-140 baby grand piano worth?

How much is a Samick 1986 SG-155 baby grand piano worth

How much is your 1986 half dollar us worth?

It's worth 50 cents.