How much is a savage 32 pistol made in 1915 worth?

Both the model 1907 and 1915 were being manufactured in 1915, but you probably interpreted the model number as the date of manufacture. Blue Book says in 60% condition, which would be a well-used but not abused gun, should be worth $200 retail. Untouched since it left the factory, it is listed at $525.


If this pistol is a model 1907 in .32 caliber, then the above is more or less correct -- probably a bit low by now, late 2010. If it is a model 1907 in .380 caliber, then it is worth maybe another $100-200, depending on condition. If it is a model 1915 (grip safety, shrouded hammer, usually called "hammerless") in .32 caliber then you can add a few hundred dollars more; only about 6,500 were made. If it is a model 1915 in .380 add another few hundred dollars; only about 3,500 were made. .380 model 1915s in very good (but not pristine) condition typically sell for over $1,000; pistols looking like they just left the factory, especially if in the original box, are usually over $2,000.

The model 1907 was made 1908-1920 in .32 caliber (in about 14 versions), and 1913-1920 in .380 (in about 6 versions). The model 1915 was made 1915-1916 in .32 caliber (1 version), and 1915-1917 in .380 (1 version).

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