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Both the model 1907 and 1915 were being manufactured in 1915, but you probably interpreted the model number as the date of manufacture. Blue Book says in 60% condition, which would be a well-used but not abused gun, should be worth $200 retail. Untouched since it left the factory, it is listed at $525.


If this pistol is a model 1907 in .32 caliber, then the above is more or less correct -- probably a bit low by now, late 2010. If it is a model 1907 in .380 caliber, then it is worth maybe another $100-200, depending on condition. If it is a model 1915 (grip safety, shrouded hammer, usually called "hammerless") in .32 caliber then you can add a few hundred dollars more; only about 6,500 were made. If it is a model 1915 in .380 add another few hundred dollars; only about 3,500 were made. .380 model 1915s in very good (but not pristine) condition typically sell for over $1,000; pistols looking like they just left the factory, especially if in the original box, are usually over $2,000.

The model 1907 was made 1908-1920 in .32 caliber (in about 14 versions), and 1913-1920 in .380 (in about 6 versions). The model 1915 was made 1915-1916 in .32 caliber (1 version), and 1915-1917 in .380 (1 version).

See link below for images-

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Q: How much is a savage 32 pistol made in 1915 worth?
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When was the last savage pistol produced?

"Pistol" is used to refer to revolvers, semi-automatics, or muzzle-loading/cap-&-ball handguns. Savage has made several types of pistols over the years, including semi-automatic and single shot pistols. Savage continues to make the "Striker" single shot bolt-action hunting / target pistol. If you are referring to Savage's famous semi-automatic pistols made in the early 20th century, they were made as follows: model 1907, .32 caliber -- 1908-1920 model 1907, .380 caliber -- 1913-1920 model 1915, .32 caliber -- 1915-1916 (the "hammerless" model) model 1915, .380 caliber -- 1915-1917 (the "hammerless" model) model 1917, .32 caliber -- 1920-1926 (replaced the model 1907) model 1917, .380 caliber -- 1920-1928 (replaced themodel 1907) Savage also made prototype .45 and .25 semi-automatics during this period, but these never entered production. In the 1960s, Savage made single shot "western" .22 pistol (the model 101) that looked like a revolver; this was discontinued about 1968.

Savage arms 32 cal pistol?

Savage made three .32 ACP automatic pistols: model 1907, made 1908-1920 model 1915, made 1915-1916 model 1917, made 1920-1926 These were also made in .380. You should be able to find photos of each one on the internet -- they are easy to tell apart, especially by looking at the shape of the pistol and the grip. It is not uncommon to find references to other Savage automatics, such as the model 1904, model 1905, model 1908, model 1909, model 1910, etc -- these are mis-identifications of one of the above three models, usually a model 1907, sometimes a model 1915, and occasionally a model 1917.

Where is the serial number located on a Savage 380 model 1915 automatic pistol?

The serial number on all Savage automatic pistols (model 1907, model 1915, and model 1917, all in .32 and .380) will be found just under the barrel at the front edge of the frame. Early model 1907 pistols will have the s/n on the bottom of the frame, while later model 1907 and all other models will have the s/n on the front of the frame. All .380 Savage pistols will start or end with the letter "B" -- the first few hundred (all are model 1907 pistols) start with "B," while all the rest end with "B." It is not uncommon for the "B" to be misread as an "8." FYI, the "hammerless" model 1915 is the rarest production Savage automatic pistol, and the .380 model 1915 is the rarer of these. About 6500 .32 model 1915 pistols were made in 1915-1916 (approx s/n 130000 - 136500) and about 3900 .380 model 1915 pistols were made in 1915-1917 (approx s/n 10000B - 13900B).

How can you find the value of a Savage 32 pistol if you don't know the model or anything?

Savage hasn't made too many pistols. There are only 3 listed in the Blue Book that were available in .32 caliber: Models 1907, 1915, and 1917. They are all pretty similar. The one (1915) with no visible cocking piece is worth $200 and the others $100 in 60% condition. In 95% the Book says $200, $375, and $175. However, if it has a factory nickel, silver or gold finish it will bring a large premium and if it has pearl grips, they could be worth more than the rest of the gun.

What year was a Stevens model 35 offhand pistol made serial number 35540?

The stevens Model 35 offhand shotgun(even though it is listed as a pistol) was made during the years 1923-1935 in .410 gauge.I do not have a model production breakdown by years with serial numbers though.Maybe savage/stevens might have more info at the savage arms web site?It would be worth a try.

What is a colt 45 410 pistol worth?

Colt has never made a 45/410 pistol

How much is a Steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by Savage Arms Corp worth?

how much is a steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by savage arms corp worth?

What is worth of Browning 1157 pistol?

No such model made by Browning.

How much is a 1915 penny farthing worth?

A Penny farthing is a bicycle and they were no longer made in 1915.

What is the value of a RG Industry 22 pistol made in Miami Florida with a 6 barrel?

Any pistol made by RG is worth less than the metal it is made from.

What is a savage model 99 in 303 made in 1901 worth?


How much is a springfield arms 45 pistol worth?

that would depend on overall condition and when it was made. by furnishing the serial number it can be determined when pistol was made...............

What is the date of manufacture of colt 1911 serial number 120268?

If your Colt is the 1911 military pistol, it was made in 1915.

Finding the year of savage 6A rifle?

Made from 1938 to 1968 Pre-war models had a checkered pistol-grip stock.

What is a pistol that shoots two different shell worth?

Depends on who made it and its condition.

How much is your colt 45 pistol worth?

If you call Colt they will tell you when it was made.

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What is the value of a Savage 32 patented in 1905 and made in 1909 semi auto?

Depending on the condition of the pistol, the value can be anywhere from $100 to about $400.

How much is a world war 2 German made pistol worth?

1 dollar

How much is an Erma .22 caliber pistol made in Germany worth?


When was Savage semi-automatic pistol 41801 manufactured?

If it's a .32 Cal Model 1907, it was made approximately in 1911. An early production model.

What is the value of an old Savage shotgun Model 220 hammerless made around 1940?

the savage model 220 is worth anywhere from 85 to 95 dollars US.

What is a mark1 pistol worth?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it, condition, boxes, accessories, etc..

What is your gun worth it is a Taurus 22 pistol - black with a pearl handle - made for a woman?

50-125 USD

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