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Old encyclopedias are virtually worthless.

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Q: How much is a set of 1957 The American Peoples Encyclopedia worth in excellent condition?
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How much is 1957 The American Peoples Encyclopedia worth excellent condition?

i saw a complete edition for free on craigs list

You are looking for the value of the American Peoples Encyclopedia-1953 Volumes 1- 11 and Yearbooks 1956 through 1961-fair condition?


What is the value of The American Peoples Encyclopedia 1953 20 volumes?


What is the value of the American peoples encyclopedia yearbook set from 1963 to 2009?

About 12 euros.

What is the value of 1951 20 volumes The American Peoples Encyclopedia plus yearbooks 1951 to 1979?

i wondered the same thing, i have the entire set in perfect condition, not even sure they were ever opened at all... I dont have the yearbooks though

What has the author Helen Hynson Merrick written?

Helen Hynson Merrick has written: 'Lands and Peoples' 'The American Peoples Encyclopedia Year Book 1971' 'Living History of the World 1972 Year Book'

Where can you learn about English history in the 1800s?

I would start with the Encyclopedia Britannica. Then check out History of the English Speaking Peoples, volume III, The Age of Revolution and volume IV, The Great Democracies by Winston Churchill. Also try the excellent Rise and Fall of the British Empire. Michael Montagne

Name of the controversial 1970's native American rights group?

Founded in 1968, the American Indian Movement (AIM) is an organization dedicated to the Native American civil rights movement. Its main objectives are the sovereignty of Native American lands and peoples; preservation of their culture and traditions; and enforcement of all treaties with the United States. West's Encyclopedia of American Law | 2005 | Copyright

How much is The American Peoples Encyclopedia 1956 leather bound 20 volumes worth?

Checking various on-line sellers of used books shows a variance from a low of eight dollars to a high of fifty-two dollars for a complete set.

What nation was an amalgam of peoples of both Native American and African origins?

what nation was an amalgam of peoples of both native american and african origin

What is the value of the American peoples encyclopedia yearbook of 1953 events of 1952?

Quanto valgono 20 volumi dell'enciclopedia del popolo americano book year +4 volumi dal 1970 al 1974, printed in u.s.a.- grolier limited?

Who was Jim Jones?

the American founder of the Peoples Temple

What is the meaning of ANASAZI?

"Ancestors of the enemies" is the term applied by the Navajo peoples to their neighbors, the modern Pueblo peoples of the American southwest.

What are three native American peoples?

There were and to some extent still are Native American peoples. Three that come to mind are: A. The Cherokee Nation, mostly in North America; B. The Aztec peoples, who thrived mostly in the area now called Mexico; and C. The Inca peoples, these Native Americans made their homes on the western side of the South American continent.

What native American tribe depended on buffalo?

The plains peoples

Who were the native Central and South American populations?

Hispanic, Mestizo and Latin American peoples are the original inhabitants of the South American subcontinent. They can be further divided into: Aztec, Inca, Maya, Nazca, Olmec, Zapotec, and Navajo peoples. None survive to the present.

What has the author D L Birchfield written?

D. L. Birchfield has written: 'Beginning Biographies' 'Sioux history and culture' -- subject- s -: Dakota Indians, Social life and customs, History 'Native American Peoples' 'Crazy Horse - Raintree Biographies -' 'Apache - Native American Peoples -' 'Cheyenne - Native American Peoples -' 'Sioux - Native American Peoples -' 'How Choctaws invented civilization and why Choctaws will conquer the world' 'Sacagawea' -- subject- s -: Biography, Indians of North America, Juvenile literature, Lewis and Clark Expedition - 1804-1806 -, Shoshoni Indians, Shoshoni women, Women 'Cherokee history and culture' -- subject- s -: Social life and customs, Cherokee Indians, Juvenile literature, History 'Encyclopedia of North American Indians, The' 'Jim Thorpe, World's Greatest Athlete' 'Beginning Biographies' 'Comanche - Native American Peoples -'

What are the names of the native American peoples who live in the southwestern region?


What is an Americanoid?

An Americanoid is a person who is characteristic of or resembling Native American peoples.

How did the lack of immunity to disease affect the Native American peoples?

The kfnngorjog

What has the author JamesG Peoples written?

JamesG Peoples has written: 'Island in trust' -- subject(s): American Economic assistance, Dependency on the United States, Economic assistance, American, Economic conditions

What was the Early Modern Humans and Neanderthals Social Behaviors like?

they were excellent social peoples --- thank you very much ---

What are the duties of a physical therapist?

duties of a physical therapist are assment planning program planning intervention management supervisoin and assessing peoples physical condition. duties of a physical therapist are assment planning program planning intervention management supervisoin and assessing peoples physical condition.

Why is Emily carr famous?

Canadian artist and writer heavily inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The Canadian Encyclopedia describes her as a "Canadian icon".

Is the Terracotta Army in perfect condition?

No they were not (many of the "peoples" heads have fallen off and/or are missing)