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How much is a ticket for doing 42 in a 25 school zone in San Diego?


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It is important to drive the posted speed limit, and especially in school zone. The ticket for this can range from $100-$300, depending on any classes taken because of this incident.


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Although the law 23123A says $20 for the first infraction and $50 for the second. My personal Ticket costs $160 or $215 for traffic school

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My ticket for that is $168, but $196 if I want to do traffic school. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell me points will be.

$208 I was given a ticket for going 80mph in a 70mph zone. The ticket cost $127 + traffic school.

It depends on what County and state you get a ticket in. And traffic school prices range from $5-$30 depending on the state.

how much is a speeding ticket in a school zone cost 40 in a 25

i live in woodland hills, was doing 43 in a 30 and my ticket without traffic school is 220!!

Mine was 239! (San Diego California)

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Depends on what kind of zone it was in, (business, school), state, and county of jurisdiction.

I was doing 87 in a 65 zone in San Diego, CA. I paid $219 out my financial aid. =(. Hope this helps.

first class - $100 third class-$40 sorry i have not been doing second class in school so cant answer it but type in how much did a second class ticket for titanic cost....... maybe that will help you

I'm not sure how much your ticket will be, I got caught at 80 in a 55 and had to pay 750+. You might be eligable for traffic school though.

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Traffic school or not you will still have to pay for the ticket. The reason people want to do traffic school it removes the ticket from the driving record. The cost of tickets vary depending on where you live and if it was a city or state officer that gave you the ticket. On the back of the ticket is usually instructions on what to do, so follow those instructions. Reasonably you should expect to pay a couple of hundred after the cost of the ticket and traffic school. If your state allows it you may be able to do traffic school on line from a list of schools they have approved.

Just got a ticket in school zone 40 in 25mph. Ticket was 249.00 in Oklahoma...Argh!

Nothing. Everybody goes 80 in a 65 zone in San Diego, CA.

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A friend of mine just got one for $440

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