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How much is a undated 20p UK coin worth?


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September 13, 2011 4:09AM

Don't be fooled people. The Royal Mint does not buy back coins. It occasionally will allow recalls through banks and Post Offices at face value. The recent undated mule 20p coin is of no substantial interest to serious collectors. If you can get more than £15 for one then go for it, they have no long term investment value.. Check with Coin Collector Magazine or any other reputable numistic source.

The limited company (yes, it's for profit) The London Mint Office claims to offer £100 for undated 20p's, again if you can get this then go for it. Let us know if you are successful.

Everything else is below is unsubstantiated Urban Legend, mule 20p's are to date the 21st centuries' biggest con... read on with caution;


It depends if you sell it back to the Royal Mint, now you will get £50 for it in ten years probably about £200 However there are much, much higher prices on the auction site eBay.

Do you have one because I need change for a pound ;)

Actually it is The London mint office ( a coin collecting company) nothing to do with the royal mint. The Independent Newspaper puts a true value on the 20ps as around £300. Dont forget the coins were citculated last year and the Royal Mint have been quietly recalling them from the banks... All hush hush until "The London Mint office" (the same people who offer gold plated ond pennies on TV) found out and tried to corner the market in these coins. Personally I am keeping mine for a sunny day.... we have plenty rainy ones. However I would accept £300 just now as I believe the Independent tather than eBay prices.... the London mint office has really cocked up and ended up setting the baseline for the prices we see now