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It depends on the breeder of course. I purchased mine for $350, but I have seen them online for up to $1600. My $350 dog is the best!

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What is a zuchon?

A zuchon is a breed of dog which is a cross between a bichon and a shih tzu.

Which breed of dog starts with z?


Is zuchon a good dog?

YES! We love are dog. YES. We love our dog!!

Is there a dog that starts with the letter z?

yes one ! zuchon

Which dog breeds begin with the letter Z?

Only one breed, Zuchon.

What dogs breeds start with the letter Z?

Only one dog breed, which is the Zuchon.

How much do you love your dog?

As much as a person can love a dog. I dote on my dog

Dogs that start with z?

I am sorry, but the only one I can think of is Zuchon. I hope this answers your question. Good luck on finding more if you want!

How much to feed a dog for a year?

How much to feed a dog for a year

" how much to feed my dog?

My dog's a week from death!!!!!! :((((((

How much medicine to give a dog?

As much are your vet tells you to or how much its says for your dog on the back

How much baby prairie dog?

How much baby prairie dog weigh

how much do you have to take your dog for a walk?

1cE a week

how much do u feed a dog?

depends on size

How much more exercises do you get with a dog?

depends on the dog - Big dog=everyday small dog=every other day It also depends hoe much you feed the dog

How much is to much pee for a dog?

theres never to much pee for a dog. the bater is ALWAYS filled

Does your dog get worms in their skin?

It depends on how much you care for your dog and how much you love them so love your dog and take care of them

As much as your dog will digest, per sitting!?

I do not have a dog. Yet my answer today was filling for sure!

How much benadrly can you give your 22lb dog?

How much benadrly can you give your 22lb dog?

How much Claritin can a dog have?

how much claritin can i give my dog. She constantly chews on her feet

How much should I fed the meh dog?


how much sould i feed ny dog?

a lot

how much sold i feed my dog?

1 and a half scopes

How much a dog weigh in gram?

Depends. If its a small dog, It wouldn't weigh much, and a big heavy dog, weighs alot.

โ€œHow much I feed my dog?

It depends on the size of the dog. Most medium breeds are around a cup per feeding.