How much is an 1896 12 gauge Piedmont shotgun worth?


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It all depends on the condition of the gun. What is original and what has been repaired.

Perfect condition $300.00 is what I would pay.

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How much is a Marlin 12 gauge pump shotgun with a Pat D Nov 6 1894 May 12 1896 June 2 1896 on barrel with serial #80996 is worth.

Value seldom exceeds 100 USD

The Imperial was manufactured by Baker Gun and Forging Company, 1896-1919. (You'll have to hold it a little closer to the screen so I can see what gauge it is.)

In 1896 a penny was worth a penny. If you have a penny dated 1896 then it is worth more than that.

You have a Marlin model 1896 slide action shotgun, however, it is a Blackpowder shotgun and you will need brass hulls.

Luigi Pavese was born on October 25, 1896, in Asti, Piedmont, Italy.

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An 1896 Indian Head Penny in good condition is worth $1.35, in fine condition is worth $2.00, in uncirculated condition is worth $30.00, proof is worth $150.00.

An 1896 Indian Head Penny in good condition is worth $1.35, in fine condition is worth $2.00, in uncirculated condition is worth $30.00, proof is worth $150.00.

it is worth the most someone is willing to pay for it.

Pieper was a Belgian gun maker, so it was most likely made in Belgium. Look for the Belgian black powder proof marks.

I bought the same shotgun, serial number in the 91000s, for 50 dollars. Ones in good condition can go for 80 dollars. Unless, it is in perfect condition, 80 dollars is the max value.

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2$ to 15$ but if its in an uncirculated condition 50$+++

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Your regent named shotgun was probably made by the Cresent Firearms Co.They were in business from 1896-1932.They made many trade named shotguns for hardware retail business,s in the time frame mentioned.The price of your shotgun will range from 75-175 dollars,depending on overall condition of the wood and metal and a pair of good bores.

Need more information on the coin......assuming you mean a Morgan it an 1896 plain, 1896-O or an 1896-S? Based upon the exact type and condition of the coin, it could be worth anywhere from $14 to $70,000.

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