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What is an Acme model 1896 shotgun worth?


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Value seldom exceeds 100 USD

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The W.H. Davenport Firearms Company of Norwich CT were makers of single shot shotguns from 1881 to 1900. Acme was one of Davenport's brand names. These were not expensive guns when new, and depending on condition would be worth $60-$90 now.

Depends on condition. The REAL Acme shotgun (not the one that Wile E. Coyote had) was made in Belgium around 1890. These were not high dollar guns when new. Average condition- $125-$190.

acme doubles coupons if their value is worth .99 cents or less

a: Somethhig around 100 years old. b: Not worth much. c: Do not attempt to fire it unless a gunsmith has inspected it and attested to its safety.

== == Acme Arms Company was a tradename used by the J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company on pistols and shotguns produced for the Cornwall Hardware Co. of New York. They had a double barrel 12 ga. with external hammers. The shotgun is worth anywhere from $75 to $350 depending on the condition.

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The Acme Juicerator 6001 is manufactured by Waring and is identical to one of the Waring juice extractors, just with the Acme brand label attached. The Golden Harvest 9901 is also the same juicer. Waring has product manuals at its website.

There ARE other markings on the shotgun, you just have to look to find them. Assuming your gun is a single-shot break-open shotgun, it was probably made by the WH Davenport Firearms Co from c.1885-c.1910. ACME was a known tradename used by this company. If the marking is actually ACME ARMS CO, and it is a single-shot shotgun, it is probably a Stevens product as made for Cornwall Hardware in New York around the same time period. In either case, there is no collector interest and resale prices are below $100. PLEASE have the gun checked over by a competent gunsmith before attempting to shoot it - these guns were never designed for the pressure curve of today's ammunition. ACME was also a tradename applied to inexpensive pocket revolvers by various makers.

$25 to $75. Could break $100 if it is in absolutely like-new condition.

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