How much is an Oscar worth?

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James Geiser
January 17, 2020 1:11AM

The Academy Award, according to 2018 value, is worth $500.00each. Each weigh 8.5 lbs. And according to the rules of the governing body, AMPAS, the Academy Award can not be sold, ever!* *Spencer Tracy, he won for "Boy's Town" was permitted to donate the award to the actual Boy's Town. It still is there.

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Wiki User
March 09, 2011 1:20AM

  • Resale value for Oscars won after 1950 are limited because the Academy makes all winning celebrities sign an agreement that if they want to sell they have to first offer the statue back to them for $1.
  • Based on the current price of the gold if melted down each Oscar is worth about $500.
  • If sold on the sly (or for pre-1950 Oscars that can be sold in the open) big-name Oscars will easily clear $60,000+ (this is copy and pasted)