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How much is an expired tag ticket in Louisiana?


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2013-04-29 16:41:46
2013-04-29 16:41:46

As of 4/29/13 a ticket for expired tag is $159 in Shreveport, LA and expired inspection sticker is $50.

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$120 as we just found out yesterday :(

$504 in Johnson, AR in October 2011

Yes, a person can 'beat' and expired tag traffic ticket in most states. If a person gets the car inspected and gets a new tag before the court date, the ticket is usually dismissed.

I payed one last year it was somewhere around $200.00

Amount of Fine:$152.00Processing Fee:$14.00

$100.00 for less than 3 days $120.00 for over 3 days

I got pulled over last night for expired tag. I only got a warning,but the cop told me a ticket would be $800. I think he was lying. But I did go renew this morning!

In Mass. can you get a ticket for driving someone else's car with an expired inspection sticker?

Tickets don't expire. You have been informed of your crime.

My tag expired last month and I don't get paid until the 15th of this month. How much is it going to cost me since it's late?And my license expired last month too so how much would that be?

There will be no limitation in Massachusetts ans the issued ticket serves as notification of the violation. So the normal statute of limitations will not apply.

The cost of renewing an actual brake tag in Louisiana, at least in Jefferson parish, is $7.50 if done on time. A late renewal will cost you an extra $4.I was caught not too long ago with driving without a brake tag by the state police. (I had recently gotten my windshield glass changed and was told that all I would need to carry in the car was the receipt for my new windshield purchase and the receipt from the brake tag station showing that I had purchased a brake tag previously for my car that was still up-to-date... Absolutely Wrong!). Once I could go down to the courthouse to see about the cost of the ticket, I was blown away when I was told that this traffic violation would cost me $157. Once again my ticket was for driving with no brake tag, so a ticket for driving with an expired brake tag may not cost you the same amount. End the end this is a task not worth putting off till tomorrow if it needs to be now.

$130 in mobile, dont know if its the same statewide, call your local courthouse and listen to the automated message, it goes down the list of fines and fee's

I just got a ticket for expired tags in my Hyundai Elantra here in Charleston. Fine is $143.75. Anyone know if the fine is waived if I register my tags before the court date?

The fine varies by length of time since the expiration. If you're in Fulton County, the following website provides more details on this and other traffic fines:

If the plate is simply expired, it is a ticket offense and you'll have to park it until you can get it towed home. If you changed the tag from one vehicle to another, that is clearly illegal, and in addition to the ticket you will get the police may impound it.

Some states require you to turn it in, others have no such requirement. Either way - you cannot legally drive on an expired tag regardless.

$74, plus an extra $3 if you pay by phone. The Norman fine schedule is the first related link below. I found it at the second related link, which has links to all OK court information.

50.00 a tag From LFW: Resident alligator hunting licenses cost $25 and there is no cost for alligator tags

You can but you'll get caught (Trust me) I'm a Georgian and yes, you will be caught.

5/19/2013 Price tag of $197.00 by CHP in Fremont on 880

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