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Difficult to say how valuable it is.Sorry, but there is no way to answer this question without seeing the actual instrument. There are so many things that go into the value of an instrument. Materials, overall condition, previous owners, condition of the pads, etc. Take the Clarinet in to a local repair shop and ask for an estimate of value.

That clarinet was made in 1962. I had one in mint condition; sold it as a trade in for $500 to a dealer. But the above writer is correct. I bought it new, rarely used it and repadded it brfore I sold it.. The condition of a 45 year old horn with a lot of use, cracks etc. could knock the price way down. I see on eBay Buffets from the forties going for $150. to 250...sampark2

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Q: How much is an old Buffet clarinet with serial number 70133 worth?
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What is the model of a Buffet clarinet with serial number B7475?

Evette sponsored by Buffet has this serial # series. Model is Evette.

The buffet website only lists serial numbers of professional models.How do i find the model number for my buffet clarinet?

Google "buffet serial clarinet" and you'll find a number of sites dealing with your identification issue. Good luck!

What year was the Buffet Crampton clarinet with serial number 8478 manufactured?

ca. 1931.

How old is buffet clarinet serial number 698329?

serial number does not exist -- according to Buffet site ---- Clearly, your serial number exists else you'd not have asked. However, Buffet's online serial number database only contains numbers for Professional clarinets. You might want to contact Buffet directly with your question.

How old is a buffet clarinet with serial number 48653?

Most likely somewhere between 1945-1957

How much buffet clarinet BC 20 Serial?


Is a buffet clarinet the smallest clarinet?

no, the buffet clarinet is

When was Buffet clarinet with serial number 32861 manufactured?

; ; ; Brand : Buffet Crampon ; Instrument : BC1193-2 ; Serial number : 32861 ; Year of manufacturing : 24/09/1999

How old is buffet r13 clarinet with serial number 48653?

approximately 1953-1954

What age is a buffet b12 clarinet with serial number 900296?

Maybe mid 1990's, closer to the turn of the century.

How old is buffet clarinet serial number 179986?

Looks like 1977. Go to this site and see --- Or get it direct from the source at: Brand : Buffet Crampon Instrument : R 13 Serial number : 179986 Year of manufacturing : 10/03/1977 NOTE: The Buffet on-line serial number database only contains serial numbers for French-made PROFESSIONAL clarinets. If your Buffet is marked "Made in Germany" this database will NOT work for you and any data it provides will NOT be about your clarinet!

What year is a buffet Bb clarinet with serial 279288?

1986, IF and only if made in France.

What is a BundySelmer Clarinet serial?

The serial number of a clarinet is generally located on the back of the upper joint.

Where is the serial number on a Bundy clarinet?

where do you find it

What's the value of a R13 1977 B-Flat Buffet Clarinet Serial 177711?

$1450.00-$1750.00 doc

How old is a Vito V40 clarinet serial number C89318?

That clarinet was produced in 1996.

How old is your evette buffet crampon clarinet with the serial number k21147?

There is probably nonhitg in your house that will make your penis bigger but there are some things you can buy online that might help make it bigger.

What is the average cost for a Buffet R13 clarinet?

A new Buffet R13 clarinet retails around $4,000 and higher. One may find a used Buffet R13 clarinet for just under $2,000 up to $3,000. There are a few different models of Buffet R13 clarinets. The price will vary by model.

Is Conductor a good brand clarinet?

no buffet is

How old is a Leblanc France clarinet with serial number 34887?

How old is a leblanc clarinet 1669F ? Gary

What clarinet has serial number 17225209?

i dont know you tell me

Where is the serial number on a clarinet?

its about an inch above the thumb rest

How old is vito clarinet with serial number 02140A?


What is the best student bass clarinet?

Buffet Crampon BC1193-2 Bass Clarinet.

The best bass clarinet?

Buffet 1193 Prestige Low C Bass Clarinet