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How much is e pluribus unum 1921 coin is?


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The national motto E-PLURIBUS-UNUM does not identify the coin. Post new question with the denomination.

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Assuming the coin is circulated retail prices are $17.00-$26.00

No such thing as a E-PLURIBUS-UNUM coin of any kind. The coin is a MORGAN dollar, the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is on all the Morgans from 1878 to 1904 and 1921. Post new question with a DATE.

Post a new question and include the denomination, mintmark and condition.

E Pluribus Unum does NOT identify a coin. Post a new question and include the country of origin, denomination, and date.

All U.S. coins dated 1921 have the national motto E-PLURIBUS-UNUM on them. Post new question with a denomination.

Circulated coins are $17.00 to $30.00 and it's a Morgan dollar not an E PLURIBUS UNUM coin.

A denomination is needed. Post new question please. NOTE: The words E PLURIBUS UNUM are NOT the name of any coin, it's the national motto that's on most all US coins.

No such thing as a E-PLURIBUS-UNUM coin of any type. Because the national motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is on all most every US coin ever made.

If you want to sell it. Take it to a coin dealer.

A date an denomination are needed, post new question. NOTE: An E-PLURIBUS-UNUM coin does NOT EXIST.

You'll have to be more specific, because all U.S. coins include that motto.

All U.S. coins since 1873 have been legally required to bear the phrase "e pluribus unum". Thus "e pluribus unum" is not sufficient to identify the coin you're asking about. Without more information about the coin (denomination, condition, and where minted) there's no way to answer the question.

ALL U.S. coins carry the motto "E Pluribus Unum" (From Many, One) so that does not help to identify any coin. Please post a new, separate question with its denomination.

PHRASE, not "phase"E Pluribus Unum, not "pluribus unum"The words mean "Out of many, one" and appear on ALL American coins.

OK, what one. ALL US COINS have the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM

Since I think the 1860s, all American coins have had "E Pluribus Unum" on them somewhere. You'll need to be more specific. What's the face value of the coin (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, dollar)? And what condition is it in?

E Pluribus Unum is a laten motto ( out of many, one) that has been on US coins for over 100 years. I need more spicific information

From your description the coin is a 1921 Morgan dollar and it's the most common of all Morgan dollars. Values are $16.00-$19.00 retail depending on the condition of the coin.

E Pluribus Unum is on every American coin 1926=$20 1926D=$22 1926S=$21

Which US coin dated 1900 with the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM are you asking about?

....All E Pluribus Unum tells us is that the coin was minted in the US. You need to give us the denomination of the coin along with the design of the coin if you have a dollar coin (both Peace dollars and Morgan dollars were minted that year, with the Peace dollar having a significant premium over a 1921 Morgan dollar) along with an estimate of condition and any applicable mintmarks.

All US coins dated 1943 have the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM more information is needed.

The phrase "E Pluribus Unum" does NOT describe the denomination of a coin.

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